Maudy Ayunda Singing sensation turns Creative Leadership instructor

Maudy Ayunda
Maudy Ayunda – actress, singer, instructor. Photo: Instagram

IO – Actress and singer Maudy Ayunda expressed her joy at being entrusted with the position of instructor in Semesta Akademi’s Creative Leadership class. This is in line with her personal mission, which is to sustainably support the growth of the creative industry by providing various new creative educational programs. 

Other than Maudy, Semesta Akademi cooperates with other Indonesian creative industry experts, both individuals and agencies like Wahana Edukasi (Storytelling and Scriptwriting), Thinking Room (Visual Design and Branding), Desy Bachir (Branding and Marketing Foundations), Agung Hapsah (Creating High Quality Content for Business), and INFIA (Social Media and Intellectual Property). They all collaborate to respond to the challenge caused by the dynamics of the creative industry, and the fierce competition between local and global talents. 

“My class will discuss the necessary skills and framework for effective formation of working culture in a company. The course is inspired by my experience while studying in Stanford University, which I re-formulated to match the Semesta Akademi curriculum,” Maudy said. “I really can’t wait to share my favorite frameworks, to share my knowledge with and meet hot new talents.” 

Maudy’s appointment as instructor is on point. After her debut in the film Untuk Rena (“For Rena”), she paused her entertainment work and focused on her education. During Middle School and High School, she actively participated in school events and organizations, and even had a brief stint as the school’s Head of Senate. 

After graduating from High School, she was accepted at Oxford University, England, where she majored in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. She started her studies there in September 2013 and graduated with a Bachelor’s in 2016. In 2019, she decided to pursue a Master’s Degree. She was accepted in two world-famous universities, Harvard University and her alma mater Stanford. She decided to go back to Stanford and earned a double degree of Master’s in Business Administration (M.B.A.) and a Master’s of Arts (M.A.) in Education in 2021. 

Other than her entertainment career, Maudy is interested in Indonesia’s social, political, and economic realms, especially in fields that directly affect the lives of the young. In 2015, she accompanied British PM David Cameron on his official visit to Jakarta. She is also involved in campaigns against modern slavery, which includes forced labor, forced and child marriages, and high-risk, underpaid or unpaid work. In March 2017, she was appointed as the State’s Spokeswoman against Modern Slavery at the Vice President’s Palace. Through her work, she introduces the realities of modern slavery to her fans, and she uses social media platforms to distribute her message. 

Maudy was the youngest speaker in the 2015 Global Economic Forum. In 2016, the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection of the Republic of Indonesia named her Indonesia’s Inspirational Woman of the Year. She also won the BUBU Awards as “Best Digital Influencer” and “Most Influential Millennial” by Style Awards for her positive involvement in social media and her collaboration with CIMB Niaga in the “Kejar Mimpi” (“Chase Your Dreams”) Movement. Forbes Indonesia named her one of their “30 under 30” in their Art, Style, and Entertainment category in 2020 in recognition of her work as an inspiring actress. 

The 2020 Creative Economy OPUS Report shows that creative economy contributed IDR 1.211 trillion to our national GDP, increasing from the 2019 contributions at IDR 1.105 trillion. These figures show that Indonesia’s creative industry continues to grow rapidly, which means that we need highly qualified and competitive HR to support it. Creative industry is a pillar of Indonesia’s economy, which means that we need to constantly improve it. 

Semesta Akademi is built upon four philosophical pillars: Creative Fundamentals, Creative Branding and Marketing, Creative Business, and Creative Media and Entertainment. “In 2021, Semesta Akademi has built up foundations in collaboration with the actors and experts of the industry, and created programs that are strongly relevant with our target audience. We have undergone a lot of trial and error before we found the best, i.e. most effective and efficient, learning formula. In 2022, we are ready to open our doors the widest we can for collaborations, whether with creative talent or corporations,” said Semesta Akademi Co-Founder & CEO Steven Koesno. 

Semesta Akademi’s features include its Community Based Discussion Centric policy, which builds friendly interactions and strong bonds between creative workers and experts; Community Learning, the special session for informal discussions between participants and experts about the materials that they are learning about or challenges that they are facing; Daily Tutor Assistance, which is the daily interactive sessions with tutors; and Weekly Challenges and Projects. These features are meant to build harmonious communication among members of the creative industry community, and even to open opportunities for professional collaborations outside of the Akademi. Tuition costs is IDR 1,200,000.00 to IDR 3,600,000.00, depending on the program you select. (*/rp)