Dr. Mustafa Guvercin, Sampoerna Academy School Director “We all need to respect diversity and solidarity”

Dr. Mustafa Guvercin
Dr. Mustafa Guvercin, Sampoerna Academy School Director. Photo: ROOSYUDHI PRIYANTO/IO

IO – Sampoerna Academy’s celebration of the Chinese New Year this year features the Barongsai or Lion Dance. “We use the celebrations to encourage our students to implement the values of IGNITE (Integrity, Growth-Mind set, Nobility, Innovation, Teamwork, and Excellence) that we inculcate in every opportunity. For example, Sampoerna Academy students practice the Barongsai dance and will perform it on the day,” said Dr. Mustafa Guvercin, Sampoerna Academy School Director. 

Therefore, they have learned the traditions and meaning behind each move and part of the Lion Dance. During their threemonth intensive training, students are requested to cooperate, collaborate, and keep an open, accepting mind for different traditions and cultures. “We are asking our students and their parents to respect diversity and solidarity. This Lunar New Year is the Year of the Tiger, which leads us to set the celebration theme as the ‘Spirit of the Tiger’,” Mustafa said during the School’s virtual media briefing on Friday, 28 January 2022. “Tigers are known as energetic, courageous, and leading animals. We need to carry the ‘Spirit of Tiger’ in these times.” 

The celebration is in line with Sampoerna Academy’s philosophy of education, which is to encourage students to explore, innovate, and communicate using STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) approach focusing on the development of the 5-C’s (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Character). In other words, each of the School’s programs or events is designed to serve as an educational session. 

The Chinese New Year is an important festival celebrated in many Asian countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and China. Therefore, as a leading intercultural school that understands this, the Sampoerna Academy invites its students and their parents to celebrate the event as a way for them to respect and uphold cultural diversity in Asia, while simultaneously maintaining the value of solidarity among students. Other than the Lion Dance and other Student Performances, they also present a Live Cooking session with Chef Vania Wibisono and Little Chef Chiellyn Ashley, Wushu exhibition, and Live Chinese Calligraphy exhibition. (rp)