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Malaysia Urges Indonesia to Address Haze Issue


Jakarta, IO – Malaysia has complained about poor air quality due to haze believed to be caused by from forest fires in Indonesia.

Malaysia’s Minister of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Nik Nazmiurged Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries to take action when the air quality in the country worsened due to the haze, per Detikcom, Friday (6/10)

Air quality in several areas of Malaysia is said to have reached unhealthy levels in recent days. Nik Nazmi said he has sent a letter to Indonesia’s Minister of Environment and Forestry (LHK) Siti Nurbaya regarding the issue.

“We cannot continue to consider haze as something normal,” he said.

Nik Nazmi said that his ministry has also sent letters to Malaysian-owned plantation companies operating in Indonesia to ensure they complied with the law and prevented wildfires.

He also called for concerted action by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), either through legislation or agreements to prevent the annual occurance.

“I hope that every country can be open to finding solutions because the impact of haze is very large on the economy, tourism and especially health,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Siti Nurbaya emphasized that there is no cross-border haze pollution from Indonesia.  She said she was surprised by the Malaysian government’s statement which accused the haze in the country as originating from Indonesia.

“So far there has been no trans boundary haze I don’t know on what basis Malaysia made the statements,” said Siti.

Meanwhile, Foreign Ministry ( Kemlu) spokesperson Lalu Muhammad Iqbal said the ministry has yet to receive any official letter regarding the haze. (un)


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