Leo Rolly Carnando: Short-sighted and afraid of syringes

Leo Rolly Carnando. (Photo: PBSI)

IO – After missing his medical test last week because he was in Sragen, Central Java, a member of the national men’s doubles team finally underwent a health check-up, at the headquarters of the Indonesian Badminton Association, Cipayung National Training Center, on Thursday 15 April.

No different from tests in other sectors, the men’s doubles team player also had to pass a series of tests such as blood tests, electrolytes, liver function, kidneys, chest X-rays, pulse rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, ENT, eye, EKG, vision, posture, nutrition, and so forth.

The young player Leo Rolly Carnando admitted that he was very happy to submit to this medical test.

“Last week I could not take this test because I was in Sragen; finally, the test was carried out today. There are quite a lot of items,” Leo reported to the Indonesian Badminton Federation public relations team and media.

“I am happy with this test, because I can see what kind of health and fitness I am in. Those of previous years were not as complete as this test. It is a very positive breakthrough from the new administrators,” he continued.

From the results of the medical tests, the athlete, who was born in Klaten on July 21, 2001, admitted that he just found out that his eyes were not good enough.

“Earlier in the eye test I just found out that I have short-sightedness. There are quite a lot of letters that are not visible. In the future I want to consult with the doctor on how to solve this,” said Leo.

“But what I feared most of all was when they drew my blood. Since I was a child I was afraid of needles – it’s really scary. Luckily, nothing happened,” Leo said again.

Leo hopes that all the health test results will come out favorable and there will be no problems, so he can focus on pursuing the target of world ranking 20 this year. (rp)