ITB students take a first for antimedical hoax poster

poster competition
Nadya Shalsabila Salman and Shodiq Multazim of ITB, winners of the poster competition, and their poster (insert). Photo: ITB

Bandung, IO – Nadya Shalsabila Salman and Ahmad Shodiq Multazim, students from the Bioenergy and Chemurgy Engineering and Civil Engineering of the Bandung Institute of Technology, won first place in the poster competition “Keepin’ It Real”. The competition was organized by Bandung Islamic University’s Faculty of Medicine in late December. Submissions were judged based on the originality of ideas, suitability of content and theme, sharpness of analysis, and clarity of message, as well as the poster’s own design and visualization concepts.

Nadya and Shodiq’s poster was titled “Medical Hoax News vs Medical Real News”. “We frequently tried out participating in the various poster design competitions held by other campuses and organizations. We studied material from the Instagram posts of these competitive accounts,” Nadya stated, as quoted by on Tuesday (28/12/2021).

poster competition

Their winning poster depicted two people wondering whether the negative effects of “late-night baths” are true or a hoax. It also contains tips on how to protect our health properly and prevent ourselves from getting taken in by hoaxes at the same time.

Nadya admits that she and Shodiq requires at least two days’ worth of literature study before they can get the idea on what to put on. “We have frequently participated in poster competitions before. Our evaluation of these competitions shows that a poster’s materials and design are equally important when competing. We frequently had to redo when we made a good design but the material was too difficult for laypeople to understand, or on the contrary, we had good materials with unsuitable visual representation,” she said. (est)