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Seasando, winning pleasure boat in MMW National Exposition 2021


Surabaya, IO – Indonesia is a maritime archipelagic country, with seas making up 62% of its total territory. To protect and utilize this huge potential, we need innovative marine transportation that provides both comfort and safety for its passengers, as well as being energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

The “Innovasea Team”, with members M. Alfaridzi Rizqulloh, Afwan Izzul Muttaqin, and Quito Abian Iqtarib, are three students in the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (“ITS”) Nautical System Engineering Department, designed “Seasando”, an environmentally-friendly pleasure boat. It won first prize in the University of Indonesia online MME National Exposition 2021 for Boat Design Competition.


Seasando sails at a peak speed of 12 knots, with a maximum power charge of 25 kilowatts. “We designed the boat using high-modulus carbon fiber, which makes it lighter, despite maintaining its structural strength. It is powered by solar energy and twin propellers, which allows it to reach even remote tourist destinations in Indonesia like Rote Island,” Alfaridzi stated, in the release issued to the Independent Observer on Friday (31/12/2021).

Afwan Izzul Muttaqin, Alfaridzi Rizqulloh, Quito Abian Iqtarib
Afwan Izzul Muttaqin, Alfaridzi Rizqulloh, Quito Abian Iqtarib, and the design of their Seasando boat (insert). Photo: ITS

Seasando has an AI-based collision warning system, coupled with camera that allows it to detect objects around the boat that might imperil it. It has real-time navigation for safety, which allows sailors to detect the presence of other vessels nearby, using only their smartphones. It also has a passive fin stabilizer that smooths out the boat’s passage further, providing both comfort and safety to passengers. The 15-passenger boat also has an autopilot feature to assist in navigation without a captain’s input.

The Innovasea team hopes that their work can help advance our maritime industry, while encouraging our youth to design environmentally-friendly technologies for the future. “Naturally, we hope that our work can become part of the new facilities that champion Indonesia’s maritime tourism,” Alfaridzi said. (est)


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