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Iran is strong and alive; Despite 44 years of the maximum sanctions and, currently, violence campaign to incur the regime change


Jakarta, IO – Stepping into 2023, the world is duly encountering the numerous challenges whether in the East or the West particularly in the transitory period to the new order, nevertheless taking the globalism path is inevitable. Yet, unilateralism and engineered globalization grounded upon the interests of the West condoning the East, surely imposes standoffs which deteriorates the situation. Let’s wear the realistic glasses and accommodate the globalism approach benefiting the digitalization era, multilateralism and global leadership incorporating all powerful, medium and small countries and taking win-win solutions, collaboration and constructive competitions into account to resolve the challenges of our contemporary world. 

Assuredly, Iran and West Asia (Middle East) out-stand in the global issues. Iran celebrates the 44th anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Republic on February 11, 2023, yet we have always been witnessing the West’s attempts to disintegrate the country from the very beginning of the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979; Disintegration of Kurdistan, 8 years of the imposed war, Nojeh Coup plot, 1953 Iranian coup d’état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup d’état which was the U.S.-instigated overthrown of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosadegh, as the former US secretary of States confessed, are of few to name in the course of history between Iran and the US. 

The super lever of sanctions, exerting during the Trump era, which was rendered as the maximum pressure campaign to bring the people to the street and accordingly overthrowing the Islamic Republic of Iran was but the “state terrorism”. As well, banning the access of Iran to import the vaccine during the Covid 19 period or having access to the Epidermolysis bullosa medicines are of but “health terrorism”. 

Despite these behaviors of the US regime, the Islamic Republic of Iran reached the JCPOA agreement with the Obama administration based on the mutual respect and as a rational actor and a powerful country alongside several West Asian powers regarding nuclear issues and one of the conflicts of the west with Iran was resolved, despite some west promise breaching. Yet, with the irrational and hegemonic behavior of the regime change in Iran, the Trump administration withdrew from the nuclear deal and broke every promise in the deal that had been made, and unfortunately, despite the 11 pledges of the European Union, no effective action was taken and consequently Islamic Republic of Iran reduced its cooperation based on the articles of JCPOA a year after the US withdrawal. 

The goal of the nuclear agreement was to normalize Iran’s commercial and economic relations, but unfortunately, non-normal countries did not act fairly. 

In line with the actions of the West against the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the developments of the last three months in the framework of the maximum violence campaign, the misuse of social networks and Farsi-language televisions outside Iran, Iran International Farsi, BBC Farsi based in London patronized by one of the Middle Eastern countries, Manoto Channel and Voice of America Persian News Network fan the fame of unrest by staging the falsified plot of “women and children massacre in Iran”. This hideous scenario has been kicked off by falsifying the death of Mahsa Amini, the Kurdish girl by envisaging her killing by the moral police and continued with the calls on the western media to bring the Iranian people to the street for the demonstration.

Two months subsequent to this riots, Mossad, the national intelligence agency of the occupying Quds regime plotted the blowing up of the airplane factory in Isfahan which was thwarted, as well the sabotage of the Tabriz train, a sabotage which had happen, it would have claimed the lives of thousands of people. The rumor of the demise of Iran’s supreme leader was so spread on social networks and Western-affiliated televisions that Iran’s leadership thwarted this conspiracy by appearing on stage and in public meetings. 

In the course of “Media Carpet bombardment” by the rancorous social networks netizens magnified the “ Demonstration of The Iranian People Against the Iranian Government all over country” by spreading numerous fake news. As the news of Mahsa Amini’s death came to the papers condoning the experts’ clarification, they started to disseminate the hoax throughout the social medias. Concerning the significance of the matter, a squad of 19 expert doctors was shaped to examine the case thoroughly. In conclusion, a report which was heard in the parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Amini’s demise was diagnosed due to her underlying medical condition. 


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