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Indonesian-made games dominate steam in Southeast Asia


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia has been named the number one country in Southeast Asia that contributes the most games to the Steam PC game distribution platform. This was revealed by VirtualSEA, one of the well-known curators on the Steam platform who usually reviews independent (indie) games from Southeast Asia.

Based on their data as of early January 2024 which was shared via the X account @VirtualSEAsia, the number of games made by Indonesian indie game developers has reached around 256. This figure is the highest compared to neighboring countries such as Thailand and Singapore, which came second (158) and third (134), respectively.

It should be noted that this number is the total accumulation of games that have been registered in the Steam database, whether they have been released, canceled or postponed, are still in early access, to games that will be released in the future.

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VirtualSEA did not mention Indonesia’s ranking compared to other countries outside Southeast Asia. However, what is clear is that with the data above, it can be concluded that the Indonesian games industry has continued to grow and the country has succeeded in becoming one of the most important game makers in Southeast Asia, at least for Steam. (rr)


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