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Healthy weekend hunt!


IO – The COVID-19 pandemic has persisted for nearly two years and has finally forced many people into a healthy lifestyle to support their immune system in fighting attacking viruses. The pandemic has forced new habits and a new normal lifestyle that seeks physical and mental health, namely, consuming herbs or herbal drinks, cycling, dancing and other physical activities, which are booming as a release from boredom. In addition, virtual home exercises have become the most popular choice during the pandemic.

There are many ways “to get to Rome”, and this is also true about getting healthy. You can find your favorite healthy lifestyle for the remaining weekends in 2021.

One-stop bike workshop “Tuntun Sepeda” (TNT)
We arranged a meeting with Ibnu Bachtiar Permana, a bicycle repair shop owner at Radio Dalam, South Jakarta. Ibnu shared the story of how Tuntun Sepeda, as a workshop, began.

“Since the pandemic started in early March 2020, I and several of my colleagues have spent more time cycling, and we eventually created a
social media account called Tuntun Sepeda, abbreviated as TNT. It is a concept of group cycling to staying active even when semi-lockdown took place in Jakarta,” declared Ibnu, who called himself a head mechanic, designer, photographer, social media specialist, marketing, and cyclist.

Tuntun Sepeda, occupying the basement floor next to the CHIEF creative complex, runs a ride-hailing business, from building, restoring to service and maintenance. “We produce bicycle chain cleaners and lubricants, and provide workshops for cyclists to consult,” detailed Ibnu further.

As a modern bicycle repair shop, TNT also organizes tours or group rides over the weekends, offering different routes and exploring various city corners. “We have different riding themes on Saturdays and Sundays, for example, Saturday healthy ride and Sunday relaxing ride,” said the man who admitted to embracing all kinds of bicycles as each bike brings its own pedaling experience.

Are you keen to have a visit and consult your cycling hobby at TNT? It operates from Tuesday to Friday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., closing earlier, at 2 p.m. on the weekends; call 082118216946 to consult via phone.

Zumba Festival
The launch of the Online Taiwan Excellence Zumba Festival at Menara Satu, Sentra Kelapa Gading. Photo: Freddy Wally

Zumba Festival
Zumba Festival, initiated by Taiwan Excellence, was officially launched last November at Kriya room, Menara Satu Sentra Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. The unique hybrid feature allows members and participants not only from Jakarta, but also from all across Indonesia, to join the virtual event.

The Zumba Festival rolled for the first time in 2018; unfortunately, it had to stop due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The participants expressed their excitement about this year’s Taiwan Excellence Zumba Fest, as it helped to provide entertainment and healthy exercise at once.

During the live Zumba practice, the event started from warming up sessions, Zumba Fest Party to cooling down sessions, featured representatives from ZES/ZIN and lived interaction with one of the famous celebrities, Yuanita Christiani.

“Health and hygiene are two fundamental and crucial issues worldwide. Taiwan Excellence urges the public to keep their physical fitness by participating in online Zumba. The current virtual Zumba Fest is a big breakthrough, and this is one of the reasons why we hold this event online,” expressed Tony Lin, Director of Taiwan Trade Center, Jakarta, at the opening of the event.

The Zumba Fest was also enlivened with engaging challenge sessions for registered participants. Those who attended and took part in the 2021 Zumba Fest had the opportunity to win prizes of tens of millions of Rupiah and the chance to meet Yuanita Christiani in person.

If you are interested in joining and doing Zumba from home, register on the website or visit Taiwan Excellence or go to Ambassador Malls, Jogjatronik Yogyakarta and Bekasi Cyber Park for further information.

Bottles of variant favors: jamu, tamarind, mpon-mpon for freshness. Photo: Freddy Wally

JDC Point
Jamu is a herbal drink native to Indonesia which has peaked in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. People are advised to drink herbal drinks or herbs-infused water to reduce COVID-19 symptoms. Cafés are now offering native Indonesian herbal drinks in every city corner. JDC Point is one of the cafes serving delicious and nutritious herbal medicine.

“JDC stands for Jamu Delicious, our initial brand since 2019. We were aware that some people might not find herbal drinks to taste good, as they taste bitter sometimes. Here at JDC, we process the herbs so that people can reap the benefit of drinking healthy and delicious drinks at the same time,” said Steven Jong, founder of JDC Point, at the opening of the JDC second branch in Kedoya, West Jakarta, early December.

Jamu Delicious was originally founded in Surabaya then changed the name to JDC. As well as offering freshly made jamu, JDC also provides take-home jamu packaging in small pouches and bottled varieties.

Steven explained that since jamu or other herbal drinks are not long-lasting, he was motivated to transform fresh jamu into a ready brew jamu with the right mix of herbs; the product is pre-portioned into single-serve packets.

Jamu lovers can enjoy JDC herbal products at JDC Point cafés in Kedoya,
Jakarta and Pucang Adi, Surabaya. “We offer four different favors: Detok
with turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, and lime, next is a mixture of red ginger for those suffering from headaches and vertigo, then for those in need of freshening up, the herbal mixture of lemongrass and lemon juice is available, and finally to reach younger customers, Green Coffeereen Coffee is the right choice, with a mixture of green coffee beans and fibre,” explained Rachel Octavia, JDP co-founder.

JDC Powder Healthy Drink by Steven and his team is composed of fresh native Indonesian ingredients plants; the ingredients are washed, blended, filtered and cooked to boil over low heat until they turn to powder. “The powdered herbal medicine is a concentrate herbal powder with no sugar so that honey can be added accordingly,” ended Steven. (Freddy)


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