Tuesday, July 16, 2024 | 03:14 WIB

Govt to resume sending migrant workers to Saudi Arabia after 11 years


Jakarta, IO – After imposing 11 years of moratorium, the government is set to resume sending informal migrant workers (TKI) to Saudi Arabia under a new system of syarikah (legal entities) which it claims will better protect their rights, reported BBC Indonesia, Wednesday (14/12).

However, many migrant worker advocacy groups asked the government to postpone the policy until the recruitment process is improved in order to avoid a repeat of abuse and violence against many TKIs in 2011.

Necessary improvements range from information on job vacancies which are still dominated by brokers to job skills training by the central government and local administrations.

Manpower Ministry’s director for TKI placement and protection Rendra Setiawan, said the government’s decision to send more domestic workers to Saudi Arabia was because “there are still many people who are interesting in working at Saudi Arabia.”


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