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Getting Acquainted with Plant-Based Foods


Plant-Based Foods
Various plant-based menus from IKEA (Photo: IKEA)

Restoring Lost Energy
In general, the food is processed without any additional animal ingredients, such as meat, milk or eggs. In Indonesia, which is a tropical country with a favorable climate, a plant-based diet is a feasible lifestyle. “We have always known gado-gado and other vegetable salads,” said Dion, who admits that he is often asked for his opinion on healthy food on social media networks.

Another study from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics also revealed that in addition to being good for health, plant-based foods are friendlier to the environment. Plant-based foods don’t require as much water and don’t produce as many carbon emissions as animal-based foods.

“Eating healthy food is one effective way to have a healthier and ideal body. Plant-based menus can be the right choice, because these plant-based foods are very effective in restoring lost energy and increasing endurance,” said Dita.

Interestingly, starting from 2025, IKEA will globally present a menu of non-red meat up to 80%. “Later on, the main menus at our place will be presented as part of ‘only plant-based foods’,” she added.

So, are you ready to replace meat consumption with vegetable protein-based meat? It can be started this weekend from your dining table. Happy eating and managing a healthy lifestyle! (Freddy Wally)


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