ParuKu “the People's Choice” at NUS 2021 Medical Grand Challenge Award
Photo: IO

Jakarta, IO – The “ParuKu” application, a result of collaboration between students from the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia, won a “People’s Choice Award’ in the NUS 2021 Medical Grand Challenge, an international event held online by the National University of Singapore on August 21. ParuKu is an Artificial Intelligence-based chatbot application that helps Indonesians make decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ParuKu application provides several services in the form of information on vaccination schedules and locations, information on the availability of hospital beds for COVID-19 services, as well as laboratory recommendations for COVID-19 diagnostic tests, based on a user’s location and the capacity of health facilities. The idea of creating the ParuKu innovation stemmed from a common phenomenon in the community: fear of becoming infected with COVID-19 when visiting hospitals or other health sectors during the pandemic.

In fact, people may need to stand in line a long time to receive health services, so there is a real possibility of being infected. ParuKu is expected to be able to reduce the duration of time that must be provided for the administrative process in receiving health services. In addition, it allows users to “visit” health facilities at the right time without the need to line up for hours.