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Gerindra Party’s 14th Anniversary, Prabowo: The People’s interests are above all


IO – Celebrating the 14th anniversary of the Gerindra (Great Indonesia Movement) Party, the Party’s Secretary-General Ahmad Muzani visited neighborhoods around Gerindra Central Executive Board (DPP) in Ragunan, South Jakarta, Monday (2/7/2022). He was accompanied by members of the House of Representatives from the Gerindra faction, including Ali Zamroni, Himatul Aliyah, Novita Wijayanti, Husein Fadlulloh and Martina. 

During the visit, Muzani and Gerindra DPP members distributed staple food packages or “sembako” to people in need. Muzani also symbolically made donations to a number of orphans. 

“On Sunday, February 6, Gerindra Party celebrated its 14th anniversary. The food packages are from Chairman Prabowo. We humbly seek your prayers for the Party to prosper and Chairman Prabowo to be blessed with health and long life. Hopefully, in 2024, God will send His blessings and make Chairman Prabowo President. We hope this (food) assistance can help, even if it’s not much,” said Muzani. 

Not only for celebrating Gerindra’s 14th anniversary but the sembako distribution and donations to orphans also symbolize “gratitude”, since Gerindra Party is still trusted by the people. Thus, Gerindra Party will unwaveringly dedicate itself to the people. 

“Since Gerindra Party was founded, Chairman Prabowo has faithfully taught and instilled in us the conviction that the interests of the people and the welfare of the people are above all,” said Muzani. 

Separately, Executive Chairman of Gerindra Party DPP Sufmi Dasco Ahmad stated that Gerindra must strive to win the 2024 general elections. He hopes that Gerindra Party General Chairman Prabowo Subianto will become President in 2024. “At the moment Prabowo is President, Gerindra is victorious,” opined Dasco, on his Instagram account @sufmi_dasco. 

He urges all Gerindra components to build the nation, working hand-in-hand. Dasco also reminds all Gerindra Party elements not to neglect the strenuous efforts made by the people who have nurtured the Party. 

Dasco added that the 14 years of developing Gerindra Party have not been without a struggle. During its journey, the Party has worked to survive a steep and winding road. “Many people have contributed to growing Gerindra Party to what it stands as today,” he concluded. (des)


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