Gerindra assures the public Prabowo remains focused in assisting President Jokowi

Sufmi Dasco Ahmad
Gerindra Party deputy chairman Sufmi Dasco Ahmad. (Source: Priv. Doc.)

Jakarta, IO – Gerindra deputy chairman Sufmi Dasco Ahmad ensured Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto remains focused in assisting President Joko Widodo even though he would run as a presidential candidate in the upcoming 2024 elections. Dasco said this in response to the warnings from the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) that ministers be focused on their respective duties and not carry out personal political maneuvers in the run up the elections.

“So far, in assisting President Jokowi as the defense minister, Pak Prabowo has always focused on realizing the President’s agenda and has never carried out any political campaign,” Dasco said, as reported by Berita Satu, Friday (13/5).

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The Deputy Speaker of the House believes Prabowo understands his position as an assistant to the president so he refrains from campaigning for the presidential race. “In response to KSP statement, I believe ministers from Gerindra Party are conducting campaigns or image polishing,” he said.