From Pariah to Paragon: Indonesia’s Covid-19 handling becomes the world’s envy

From Pariah to Paragon: Indonesia’s Covid-19 handling becomes the world’s envy

IO – The global spotlight is shining on Indonesia, due to its success in handling the Covid-19 pandemic. The number of cases has continued to
trend down by a whopping 92% since the peak of a Delta-fueled second wave in mid-July. In fact, Indonesia is now at a better position than its neighbors. This has earned it global admiration, for ways to best deal with Covid-19. Many countries are looking forward to learning from Indonesia’s “best practices”. Countries like the U.S., Poland, and New Zealand have sought cooperation with Indonesia in a joint effort to combat the pandemic.

During the G20 summit and Health Ministers’ Meeting in Rome, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo was highly commended by world leaders. Italy, was amazed at how Indonesia could quickly vaccinate its huge population. Even U.S. President Joe Biden personally invited President Jokowi to be a speaker at the Global Covid-19 Summit to share his experiences with the world on the achievements of the Indonesian government in reversing the course in such a dramatic manner. President Jokowi was one of four leaders in the world chosen by President Biden to advise the world on how to tackle the virus.

From Pariah to Paragon: Indonesia’s Covid-19 handling becomes the world’s envy

President Jokowi envisaged three strategies. First, the world needs to immediately build a new global health resilience system, because a health system between one country and another is closely interrelated, especially during this pandemic. Second, to promptly build a global mechanism to pool health resources that can be accessed by all countries, especially developing countries facing crippling health crises. Third, the need
to develop standard health protocols so that all global activities, such as
transportation, meetings, or other events can follow the same guidance.

Other than global leaders, Indonesia was also praised by the World Bank, in its article “Indonesia has passed 100 million Covid-19 vaccine doses. What can we learn?” World Bank Indonesia and Timor Leste country director Satu Kahkonen said Indonesia has succeeded in two major areas vaccination and mitigation. As a result, in addition to containing infections, it has also managed to rejuvenate its economy and soften the social impacts. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also recognized Indonesia’s achievement. “I really appreciate the government of Indonesia’s handling of Covid-19 and the various strategic steps it has taken to restore the economy,” said IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva.

Further, according to Japan’s Nikkei Asia, Indonesia has been recognized as the most successful country in Southeast Asia in curbing the pandemic. Based on the Nikkei Recovery Index, with the Covid-19 situation in the country improving, Indonesia is now ranked 54th in the world with a score of 54.5. Previously, Indonesia was in 92nd place.

Even the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has designated Indonesia as a “green zone”, indicating that it has a low infection rate and is safe to visit. This has led to several countries reversing their stance toward Indonesia. For example, the UK has removed Indonesia from its red list as of October 11. Fully vaccinated arrivals from Indonesia now no longer need to undergo quarantine in government-designated hotels. Mexico opened its border to Indonesians. Saudi Arabia plans to welcome umrah pilgrims from Indonesia. Cambodia also followed suit, by lifting travel restrictions on Indonesia. (GRAPH-1)