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Forensic epidemiology for better evidence-based judicial medicine


Putri Dianita
dr. Putri Dianita Ika Meilia, Sp.FM (Source: PRIVE. DOC

“The study uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods (mixed-methods) in five interconnecting stages, to develop the i-INFERENCE approach and the i-PERFORM-P recommendation, along with a user manual that is suitable for use with specific conditions n Indonesia. The use of these two tools will improve the validity and reliability of our forensic specialists’ forensic pathology reports. The i-INFERENCE approach may be applied in a medico-legal analysis concerning the probabilistic causality in a case of death after spinal anesthetics using bupivacaine is administered, as a sample of a complex forensic medicine case. The end-users of forensic medicine expert opinions in Indonesia (prosecutors, judges) have found that i-INFERENCE and i-PERFORM-P are tools with potential use in the handling of complex cases,” dr. Putri said. 

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In conclusion, dr. Putri emphasizes the importance of providing advocacy to everyone to ensure that i-INFERENCE and i-PERFORM-P can be used widely in forensic medicine practice, education, and research. However, further study is required to determine the acceptability of i-INFERENCE and i-PERFORM-P among forensic medicine specialists and the end users of forensic medicine expert opinions more widely throughout Indonesia. To ensure widespread use, we need to hold continuous training for the use of i-INFERENCE and i-PERFORM-P, using specially designed modules. As supporting materials, we need to create a case repository as the source of the data/reference that our forensic and medicolegal specialists can use when drafting expert opinions using i-INFERENCE and i-PERFORM-P. (est)


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