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Avoiding the onset and recurrence of psoriasis


Jakarta, IO – Psoriasis is a chronic inflammation of the epidermis layer. It causes the skin to become scaly, tough, itchy, and peel off easily. It usually recurs intermittently. Even though it is incommunicable, psoriasis lowers the sufferer’s quality of life. Nobody knows its causes for sure, but many researchers suspect that it is caused by an abnormality in the body’s immune system. However, it is known to be triggered by stress, infection, or cold weather. Anyone can suffer from psoriasis, including children. 

“Your genetics strongly influence the onset of psoriasis. It usually occurs in the skin of the knees, elbows, lower back, and scalp. Data shows that 2%-3% of the world’s population suffer from it. In normal condition, skin cells get replaced once every 28 days. However, among psoriasis sufferers, the turnover occurs within a matter of days. Such excessively fast replacement of skin cells causes the skin to thicken,” reports dr. Prima Sanjiwani Saraswati Sudarsa, Sp.KK, M.Biomed, dermatology and venereology specialist from the Prof. dr. IGNF Ngoerah Central General Hospital, Denpasar, in the “Scaly Skin? Beware of Psoriasis!” live IG held on Monday (16/01/2023). 

The disease is called “inverse psoriasis” when it occurs in the folds of the skin. This causes purplish red or brown discoloration and lesions in the affected area, which are colored darker than the surrounding skin. 


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