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Filip Pejovic: Tries new atmosphere and culture


IO – Filip Pejovic, a basketball player from Serbia, is ready to play in the Indonesia Basketball League (IBL) strengthening the Bima Per- kasa Jogja team in the third series at Among Rogo Sports Hall in Yog- yakarta, February 6-8. Pejovic was actually present late last month, but had to return to his hometown because his father passed away.

“I am happy to be able to play in Indonesia, after long competing in Europe. I like trying new atmosphere and culture, “said the player who last played in the Bosnian League. Indonesia is the second country where he played, before

Pejovic had played in Saudi Arabia. He has observed the IBL com- petition through social media. “The competition and crowd are amazing. This league looks handled professionally, “he said.
Pejovic also knew that there

were two Serbian coaches who handled the IBL participating team. “I know there are coaches Milos Pejic and Rajko Toroman. They both are good coaches, “he said. “Pejic is a good coach who once handled a famous basketball academy in Serbia, Coach Toro- man also has a good reputation at home and abroad. He also success- fully handled the Asian teams,” he said.

Pejic is the coach of Satria Muda Pertamina, while Toroman is the coach of the Indonesian nation- al team, who took part in IBL this season under the name Indonesia Patriots.

“The climate and the air here are different from Europe but there is no problem. My position is actually forward, but there is also no problem if the coach wants me to play in the center position, “he explained.

Welcome to Indonesia, Pejovic!



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