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Enjoying a beautiful beach and the best surfing spot in Java


IO – Indonesia’s diverse natural beauties are spread across its territory from the west in Sumatra to the east in Papua. East Java itself also has its own unique natural beauty in Pacitan Regency, which is located on its southwestern tip. The regency borders three other regencies: Ponorogo in the north, Trenggalek in the east, and Wonogiri (Central Java) on the west. Other than bordering these three, Pacitan also borders the Indian Ocean in the south, resulting in many gorgeous beaches. Its beautiful natural beaches and caves have become a favorite place to visit for both local and international tourists, with beaches like Watu Karung Beach which face the Indian Ocean directly resulting in large waves. These have attracted international surfers looking to conquer South Java’s waves.

Waves along the Watu Karung Beach are “reef breakers”, a favorite for surfers, and can reach up to 4m high. In 2009, one of Indonesia’s top surfers, Rizal Tanjung invited Bruce Irons, the Rip Curl Pro Search 2009 champion to try out and show off Watu Karung Beach’s world class waves. Now, the beach is well-known among international wave hunters. One of Bruce Irons’ pictures surfing the beach’s waves was used as the cover of surfing magazine Waves.

The Watu Karung Beach is divided into several regions. The west is suitable for visitors just looking to relax on the sand or in the water. A good time to enjoy the view here is in the evening during low tide where coral and marine life can be more easily seen. Watu Karung Beach is also a great place to fish. Visitors can rent fishing boats and go out to sea or fish from the cliffs along the beach. Visitors to the beach will also be presented with a beautiful view of small grassy islands to the east.

The small islands are quite an attraction. A large coral named Putri Samudra which at certain angles resembles a woman’s face can be seen from the beach.

Those looking to stay the night can sleep in homestays or villas lined up not far from the beach. It only takes 45 minutes to reach Watu Karung Beach from Pacitan’s city center. Visitors will have to journey through winding roads with several inclines and declines as they pass Pacitan’s mountains. However, all will be well rewarded by the beautiful panoramic view when on the beach. The entrance ticket the beach is a mere Rp 2,000 for children and Rp 3,00 for adults and covers insurance from Jasa Raharja. Unfortunately, public transport in the area is still infrequent, so travelers should bring their own transport. (Aldo)


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