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Enjoyed a typical Indonesian food, in Kaum Jakarta


IO, Jakarta – Approaching the end of 2018, Independent Observer conferred Kaum as one of the ‘2018 Best Choice Editorial Restaurant’ restaurants. It is quite difficult indeed to choose a restaurant that was previously covered to be the best editorial of choice award 2018. It still feels like Kaum deserve the award because the authenticity of the food menu and also the interior design that is different from other restaurants makes it suitable for Kaum to get the award.

Using a restaurant building that used to be a home, made this restaurant not too intimidating. It was like visiting a good friend’s house for a special dinner. At the front near the restaurant parking, Kaum Jakarta decorations have begun to spread the aroma of Indonesia. On the front page of the restaurant lined up with basic ingredients of Indonesian spices such as galangal, cat whiskers, kecombrang, and others.

Wide open space, without partition or cubicle; tables and chairs are carefully arranged, super-large tables seem to have a standard size table and table concept for those who want privacy. This restaurant carries an open kitchen concept so that visitors can clearly see food makers working hard to prepare dishes for every guest who comes.

The room inside the restaurant itself is divided into two namely: Colonial House and Main Dining Hall. Colonial House has a capacity of 30-50 people with classic and homey designs. Located at the front of the restaurant, Colonial House can be used as private events or regular meals. In the back area, there is a Main Dining Hall that can accommodate around 100 people. There are two areas, namely for smoking and non smoking. The end of the Main Dining Hall is a bar area complete with DJ Booth and an open kitchen. In the middle there is a saddle-shaped art installation of horses and drums and a hat by artist Jopet Kuswidananto. Traditional impressions at the Kaum Jakarta Restaurant can also be seen from the accessories. The tablecloth used is ulos weaving. The waiter also wore ulos woven pieces.

This newly officially operated restaurant in Jakarta has two other branches, namely in Bali and Hong Kong. Both branches even exist long enough and have a truly outstanding reputation. Kaum Jakarta seems really determined not only to elevate Indonesian culture through food, but also from decorating, especially wall sculptures with typical Dayak patterns, as well as art installations in the center, to Indonesian tempoe doeloe music from a song titled Aksi Kutjing from Nien Lesmana, Nurlela from Bing Slamet, and other artists. Classical music is also constantly playing. It is said that the restaurant owner asked for help from an observer and fan of Indonesian music in the 60s, 70s to complete the restaurant’s vinyl collection. The Jakarta Kaum Restaurant comes with colonial-style, contemporary buildings and a touch of Indonesian culture. Visitors are invited to explore the diversity of food at the Jakarta Kaum Restaurant.

Jakarta Kaum Restaurant which is under the auspices of Potato Head Family can be an option for you and your family and relatives to enjoy Indonesian specialties. The Jakarta Kaum Restaurant displays a variety of foods from Aceh to Maluku. There are more than 20 dishes made from meat, cakes, drinks, chili sauce, and various other foods. After ordering several menus finally the food is ready to be served at the table. They must be given a thumbs up for their speed and accuracy of the staff to ensure presentation, cleanliness, until the position of the spoon / fork is in the best level. Although sometimes it can be an element of surprise as they suddenly they appear and fix the position of the fork that was slanted on the plate which is truly unique.

There are various kinds of favorite menus carefully presented that night, including Tumis Keciwis Pekalongan Tauco, Gohu Tuna, Rica-Rica Bumbu Fried Malon Quail and Wagyu Maranggi Cow Satay (two examples of menus that only exist in the Jakarta branch). It is not foreign food in the ears of typical Indonesian culinary lovers, but this restaurant emphasizes that the food served is 100% authentic Indonesian and made with the best quality ingredients from the domestic industry. The portions are quite large, making almost all food can be eaten by more than two people.

Towards Christmas and New Year, the restaurant does not provide special events. When I revisit this restaurant the restaurant management reveals, before Christmas and New Year the management said the restaurant will remain open as usual, they will not provide a special promo but they will invite visitors to celebrate the Christmas and New Year together by presenting 3 new menus for visitors in a warm atmosphere of family on Christmas day.

Kaum Jakarta is located on Jalan Kusuma Atmaja Menteng, Jakarta. Kaum Jakarta Restaurant is open Monday – Thursday starting at 18.00 – 00.00 WIB, Friday – Saturday 18.00 – 02.00 WIB, and Sunday at 18.00 – 22.00 WIB. (Aldo)


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