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Enjoy a weekend in Umang Island, Banten


IO, Jakarta – Banten Province is identified with coastal tourism such as, Carita Beach, Anyer Beach area, or Tanjung Lesung. In addition, Banten also has a holiday destination that is not less beautiful and also a prima donna at this time  which is the tourist area of Umang Island. This beautiful island has a beach with white sand and also very clear blue waters.

Umang Island is located in the District of Sumur, Banten, West Java. For some tourists who have visited this island they revealed that, Umang Island is one of the destinations that is beautiful and picturesque with other tourist areas in the region of Banten. One of the beauty of this island is the sea tourism on the island is still natural and not many tourists visit this place.

To reach Umang Island, you have to travel along the road with a distance of about 183 kms from Jakarta. After traveling overland, you have to cross the ocean by speedboat to get to Umang Island with travel time about 5 minutes. To get to Umang Island there are two land routes that you can use.

The first is through TOL Kebun Jeruk – Merak, exit at Serang Timur area, exactly 71 kms. After that you continue down Pandeglang road to Labuan and then to Taragong – Citereup – Cigeulis – Cibaling – Cimanggu, and finally you will arrive at the Sumur area. And the second route, you can go through the TOL Kebun Kebun – Merak, then exit in West Cilegon, then follow the path of Anyer – Carita to meet with Labuan region, then finally you follow the path to reach Sumur area.

Even though you will spend a long journey, but your fatigue during the trip will be paid off once you arrive at the tourist sites of Umang Island. In Umang Island, there is a cottage that has a roof of a building that resembles the shells of umang-umang animals that also characterize the island of Umang. There are lots of activities that tourists can do when vacationing on Pulau Umang. Snorkeling, jet skiing, banana boat, or if you just want to do refreshing while lazily enjoying fresh sea air sitting on the beach with the sound of waves which can soothe and calm your mood.

The Sand beach on Umang Island is very clean and decorated with lots of corals and algae at the edge. For those of you who enjoy snorkeling, you should cross a little to the island of Oar. Therefore, the coral reefs found around Oar Island is still very natural and also beautiful. As you walk along the shoreline, you can see quite a lot of small fish that are engrossed in swimming as well as the cages of the fishermen.

For tourists who bring children, the manager of the island has prepared a theme park with outbound theme and also a special pool for children directly opposite the open sea. Not only that, visitors can also take advantage of the beach which is wide enough to do sports like playing ball or beach volleyball with friends.

If you feel tired of playing all day on Umang Island, you can indulge in a variety of delicious dishes that is typical of Umang Island. A variety of seafood culinary menu, a typical food of this island. But for those of you who do not like seafood, not to worry some of the restaurants around Umang Island also provide a variety of processed meat and other culinary menu that is ready to satisfy your palate.

Umang Island has approximately 30 rooms, 15 rooms facing towards the sunset and 15 other rooms facing towards the sunrise. You are free to choose which room you’d like to stay in overnight. For those of you who would like to go on vacation to Umang Island, you should book the room well in advance, as usually this island will be crowded by visitors when the long holiday season arrives. The cost to stay here for 3 days 2 nights would be about Rp. 4,800,000 per room and can be filled by 4 visitors, or around Rp. 1,200,000 per person.

As one of the new tourist attractions and located not far from the capital of Jakarta, the Independent Observer recommends Umang Island as one of the must-visit tourist destinations. (Aldo)


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