doctorSHARE distributes PPE support packages

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – The foundation of doctor cares or doctorSHARE distributes personal protective equipment (PPE) packages for medical workers. The target of PPE package assistance is aimed at health facilities such as the Community Health Centers (Puskesmas) and Hospitals with PPE difficulties. The PPE distributed came from individual and company donations, both in the form of goods and funds. 

Based on doctorSHARE’s latest report, as many as 243 health facilities in 204 districts and cities have received PPE assistance packages. The relief package provided contained hazmat, boots, face shields, glasses, surgical masks, N95 masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, surgical gowns, and vitamin C. 

Total PPE disbursed as of Wednesday (6/17) includes 12,614 hazmat, 905 pairs of boots, 2,705 face shields, 3,201 goggles, 470 liters of hand sanitizer, 50,570 surgical masks, 7,644 N95/KN95 masks, 127,400 gloves, 75 surgical gowns, 156,430 vitamin C and 37,200 pcs hygiene sets. 

As an organization focused on health services and humanitarian assistance, doctorSHARE was called to participate in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia. DoctorSHARE Deputy Chief Tutuk Utomo Nuradhy explained the actions to be taken to help fulfill PPE needs for medical personnel. 

“The action against COVID-19 is carried out by raising donations for the procurement and distribution of PPE for health workers with priority hospitals outside Jakarta. This is because the distribution of COVID-19 has been to various parts of Indonesia and their access to get PPE is very difficult,” Tutuk said. 

Tutuk added that there were already more than 240 hospitals included in the list of doctorSHARE beneficiaries. The priority hospitals that will be assisted are COVID-19 referral hospitals, COVID-19 non-referral hospitals in areas with Extraordinary Events status, and finally COVID-19 non-referral hospitals in other areas. 

According to doctorSHARE Fundraising Staff, Risa Praptono, doctorSHARE coordinated with the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) as a government partner in COVID-19 countermeasures. doctorSHARE volunteers in the area are used to gather information on PPE needs. 

“With volunteer-based medical services for the past 10 years, doctorSHARE is utilizing a large network of volunteers for this action against COVID-19. Information on PPE needs is updated from hundreds of volunteers spread across Indonesia,” said Risa. 

Risa explained that doctorSHARE helped establish cooperation with the private sector, such as Indika Foundation, Merck Indonesia, Indonesia Global Compact Nation, and INSEAD in the collection of PPE. Shipments to various regions are also assisted by shipping service companies such as SPIL, Tiki, and JNE. doctorSHARE continues to open opportunities for all parties to work together. 

“The PPE distribution program will continue for as long as the COVID-19 pandemic persists. We still need help and support from various parties to help meet PPE needs for medical staff,” concluded Risa.