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Building mental resilience


Jakarta, IO – World Mental Health Day is commemorated on 10 October. Mentally healthy individuals have a positive attitude, which allows them to face any life situation and adjust to it well. A clear indicator of mental health is when an individual has resilience, which is strongly tied to their ability to adjust to any situation. 

What is “resilience”, actually? 

“’Resilience’ is elasticity, springiness, or flexibility of the mind or psyche. The more resilient a person is, the stronger their mentality. ‘Mental resilience’ is the ability to find healthy ways to adapt to changes, difficulties, and pressures in life. When life’s pressures push them down, they will bounce back, get back up and rise. Resilience is trainable from childhood onward. Children who are trained in it grow to become strong adults who can bear the difficulties of life without breaking down,” said dr. Zulvia Oktanida Syarif, Sp.KJ, psychiatry practitioner in Koja General Regional Hospital, North Jakarta, in a “Hype Talk Mental Health Resilience” talk show. 

How do we become mentally healthy? How do we keep from suffering easily from mental breakdowns when faced with life’s problems or difficulties? 


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