Beware of hidden sugarsin food & drink

dr. Yohan Samudra, Sp.GK, AIFO-K
dr. Yohan Samudra, Sp.GK, AIFO-K (Source: PRIMAYA HOSPITAL)

Jakarta, IO – Long-term, excessive sugar consumption is dangerous for your health. To be specific, it steeply increases your chance of contracting diabetes. 

“Diabetes may strike when your blood sugar is extremely high because of excessive, prolonged consumption of high-sugar, high carbohydrate food and drinks. It is caused by inadequate insulin receptor response, or insufficient insulin production. Diabetes is extremely dangerous, because it can trigger complications, with other illnesses with sudden onsets arising. A person may even suffer a stroke or heart attack, or the diabetes damages the blood vessels in the limbs to the point that it necessitates amputation,” said dr. Yohan Samudra, Sp.GK, AIFO-K, clinical nutrition specialist practicing in Primer Bintaro Hospital, South Tangerang, in the “Beware of Hidden Sugars in Your Food and Drink” WhatsApp lecture held on Tuesday (27/9/2022). 

The normal blood sugar level after having fasted for 8 consecutive hours is 72-99 mg/dL. Your blood sugar level is in a pre-diabetic range if it is 100-125 mg/dL, diabetic if it is > 126 mg/dL. Normal blood sugar level after a meal is 72-139 mg/dL, pre-diabetic is 140-199, and diabetic is > 200. Normal HBA1C level is < 6.0%, prediabetic is 6.0-6.4%, and diabetic is 6.5%. “What we need to understand is that we need to limit our daily sugar consumption. An adult man only needs 35 grams or 3.5 table spoons of sugar a day, while adult women only need 28 grams (2.25 table spoons) a day; diabetics of both genders should not consume more than 25 grams (2 table spoons) of sugar a day,” he said.