Wednesday, November 29, 2023 | 00:28 WIB

Acting Chairman of PPP says the party’s main focus is legislative election


Jakarta, IO – Less than a year into GE2024, political parties are increasingly active in building political communications. United Development Party (PPP) acting chairman Muhammad Mardiono said his party would focus on legislative election. The party’s performance in 2019 served as an alarm bell that it has to regain the people’s mandate.

“Our main focus is on the legislative election. Which candidates would we field. They must work for their constituencies. Thus, I have conducted visits to the communities in 24 provinces. There are only three more provinces left. I did this to personally gauge the party’s machinery on the ground,” he said on Thursday (16/3).

According to him, after fielding candidates at the regency/city, provincial and national level, the party will assess which national figures has the capacity to contest the presidential election. Mardiono, who is also Special Presidential Envoy for Cooperation in Poverty Allevation and Food Security said, the presidential candidate they support would later provide electoral support for PPP candidates.

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“We are also preparing our gubernatorial candidates. We are seeking those who wish to use PPP as their vehicle and who can help us garner votes in the electoral districts,” he explained. (nhn)


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