A pleasant walk through Cimory Forest

The view from across the Ciliwung, from the Cimory Riverside Resto. (Photo: Kartika Indah)

IO – Recreation with your family in the open can be an unforgettable experience. Cimory Forest Walk allows you to enjoy beautiful and lush trees on the banks of the Ciliwung River. It is located in the area of Cimory Riverside Restaurant, Jalan Raya Puncak Km. 76, Cipayung, Megamendung, Bogor, West Java. The place is easy to reach, right after the Megamendung intersection: if coming from the direction of Jakarta, exit from the Ciawi or Gadog toll gate, heading towards Puncak.

Visitors may enter with an entrance ticket of IDR 20,000 per person and at the end of the trip, the ticket can be exchanged for 170 ml bottle of yogurt. To get to the Cimory Forest Walk we have to cross the Cimory Bridge, a red suspension bridge. Crossing the bridge will rush your adrenaline because of how it sways and the fast-flowing rocky river underneath.

At the end of the bridge, we will immediately see a row of trees, including lush and shady pine trees, which shade visitors along the way in the forest. The lush trees and the sound of the rushing water of Ciliwung makes the heart relax and stay calm. Crossing the bridge to following the Cimory Forest Walk, you can take selfies and wefies.

After crossing the bridge, inside the Cimory Forest Walk, visitors walk on a path along the banks of the fast-moving Ciliwung River. A duck pond is filled with beautiful white-feathered ducks swimming along.

In a mini-zoo along the riverbank, there is an aviary containing beautiful birds as well as a reptile cage. Further into the zoo, you can see a rabbit garden and hobbit house, and a cow pen at the end. In the cow pen, you will see cows with white and black coloration being milked; it is like the picture on the packaging label for Cimory products.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the road stands a deer pen. Not far away is another aviary of sinks and wallabies at the edge of the lush trees. Continue the journey in the middle of the forest and we will find a field, on which there are several cages such as a donkey cage, goats, and ponies. Behind these cages is a forest with dense trees.

Visitors can ride ATV motorbikes around the forest and along the banks of the Ciliwung River. They can also ride horses around the mini zoo for IDR 25,000. If you feel hungry and thirsty while in the forest, visitors can buy snacks such as sausages, corn, cheese, and Cimory milk, which are right at the plaza at the end of the pedestrian bridge. 

Dining on the riverside. After strolling around Cimory Forest Walk, we can enjoy good food at the Cimory Riverside restaurant, located right on the edge of the Ciliwung River, overlooking the river so that your meal will taste delicious and hearty. The interior of Cimory Riverside is also unique and full of cow ornaments.

The menus at Cimory Riverside are replete with processed beef and chicken, served in both western and Indonesian style food. Some of the menu choices for visitors include Spiral Chicken Sausage, a long sausage served with potatoes and vegetables, and Spiral Kanzler Sausage.

Other western specialties include Chicken Cordon Bleu, Burger and Pasta. There are also Indonesian menus such as Grilled Ribs, Tongseng Ribs, Satay, Chicken Fried Rice, Soup, Soto, Soto Mie, Capcay, Sapo Tofu, Javanese Noodles, and others. To slake your thirst, there are various juices and a variety of flavored milk, such as chocolate, strawberry, green tea, vanilla, coffee, and others.

This three-story restaurant has a large capacity, but to be able to eat at the restaurant, you should wait to be seated. Luckily, if you get a seat in the outdoor area, you can enjoy the beautiful Ciliwung River and the green Cimory Forest Walk across the river.

In the restaurant area, visitors can also engage in other activities, such as entering the Monster Aquarium area, by buying a ticket first. Visitors can also enter the Lulu museum, which is the largest 3D museum in Puncak, on the 3rd floor of the restaurant, for only IDR 40,000 on weekends. In this museum, visitors can pose in 3-dimensional pictures.

Before leaving, visitors can buy clothes at the Factory Outlet downstairs. Next to the clothing store, there is a playground for children. Meanwhile, souvenirs of Cimory dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, buns, pastries, chocolate, and souvenirs are available at Chocomory, a gift shop located next to the restaurant. (Kartika Indah)