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Subiakto Tjakrawerdaya


Grief at the end and beginning of the year

IO – Another figure who died in early 2021 was the former Minister of Cooperatives, Subiakto Tjakrawerdaya. This Minister in the era of President Soeharto from 1993-1998 died January 2, 2021, at around 23.10 WIB at the Pertamina Pusat Hospital, Simprug, South Jakarta, from Covid-19. He was interred in San Diego Hills, Karawang, West Java.

Born in Cilacap, Central Java, Subiakto died at the age of 77. Subiakto left wife Hj. Siti Milangoni and three children, namely Larasati, Wirendra, and Hapsari, as well as son-in-law and grandchild.

Subiakto also served as Chairman of the Dana Sejahtera Mandiri (Damandiri) Foundation which is active in poverty alleviation, Chair of the Jakarta Indonesia Education Development Foundation (YPPIJ) which oversees Trilogi University, Jakarta, and Rector of Trilogi University.

Minister of Cooperatives and MSMEs Teten Masduki conveyed the news of grief and a deep sense of loss over the former Minister of Cooperatives’ departure.

“We are sorry; we lost him,” said Teten, quoted from the release on Sunday, January 3. “Before the pandemic we had plans to develop production cooperatives in the food sector,” added Teten.

Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria also expressed his sorrow. “My deep sorrow for the death of our teacher, Mr. Dr. (HC) Subiakto Tjakrawerdaya (1944-2021) on Saturday 02 Jan 2021 at 22.50 WIB at RSPP Jakarta. The deceased is one of the founders of Trilogi University, Jakarta,” he wrote in his Instagram account @bangariza. (Roosyudhi Priyanto)

Famous figures leave and don’t return. They passed away at the end of 2020 and early 2021. From various professions, they made meaningful contributions to the nation. May the deeds of worship be accepted by God and all sins forgiven. Rest in peace.


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