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2019 UNS Mawapres finds that Oliswel cures dengue fever


IO, Solo – Being a Most Outstanding Student (Mawapres) might be a dream of many students. Some make it real; for others it remains just a dream. Ruby Agil Hasan, student of the Agribusiness Vocational Department, his main interest in Agro-pharmacy Faculty of Agriculture (FP) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, is to become one of those who make their dreams come true.

It has been a long time since Ruby Agil Hasan, known as “Agil”, wanted to be an outstanding student. However, he still lacked confidence and planned to apply for Mawapres next year when he entered the 5th semester.

Days before the close date of the registration, Agil was asked by the Head of Agro-pharmacy in Agribusiness Department to represent the department in the event. He thus got together enough confidence to enroll as a Mawapres at the Faculty.

With a short preparation, he wrote his paper and the product and passed various stages of selection in the department; next, he went to the selection in the faculty and then represented FP in the university competition, with one friend from the vocational program and two friends from the Bachelor’s program.

“At first, I was not confident preparing the research and the product in a short time, but I tried to do my best. Even a day before the selection in university, Imam, who also a Vocational Mawapres FP, and I made posters in a hectic day of meetings and printed them at night until we searched every printing shop still opened because a lot of them had already closed,” he explained, as quote by Public Relation UNS.

In the selection, Agil arranged a complete paper of a product called Oliswel, made of Euphorbia Hirta extracts, with ginger and honey added. The product functions as an alternative treatment for dengue fever patients. The product is transformed into a candy, which can be accepted by everyone, as well as by children who usually do not like the bitter taste of medicine.

Agil further explained that Oliswel is given to dengue fever patients for 3-4 days or until the patient starts to feel better, but after that patients are still required to take Oliswel to increase their level of thrombocytes. Oliswel also contains an anti-dengue substance which not only increases thrombocytes but also fights the dengue virus.

“Honestly, the name ‘Oliswel’ was given as a hope that whoever consumes this product will be blessed and everything will be fine a.k.a. ‘All is well’. Adapted to the habits of Javanese people who always like the simplest, then this product is called Oliswel which has a Javanese accent,” said Agil. (est)


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