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UI Team fifth in Flying Car Design Teknofest


Jakarta, IO – A University of Indonesia Faculty of Engineering Flying Car (“UI Flying Car”) Team, comprised of six students in the Faculty’s Department of Machine Engineering, won fifth in the Flying Car Design Competition Teknofest 2021 held at the Atatürk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey. Representing Indonesia, it won an honorable place, in competition with 206 participants from various countries. The competition was jointly held by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Turkish Technology Team (T3) Foundation, and several partner companies.

The UI Flying Car Team was set up to carry out research on Urban Air Mobility (UAM), or to design and build a flying car by 2020, in teams of students interested in the subject. The members mentored by lecturer of
UI Faculty of Engineering’s Machine Engineering Department Dr. Ing. Mohammad Adhitya, ST, MSc. are: Muhamad Ilham Santoso (Team Head), Mochamad Rifqi N.A., Yogasatya Adikhansa, Tristan Adhika, Khalfan Nadhief, and Farhan Almasyhur.

“The flying car is an advanced research project, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), with differences in loads carried and the objective of getting it to fy. For this competition, we developed a research concept titled “Fully Autonomous Tandem Quad Tilt-Wing Flying Car with Thermal Imaging Camera, 5G C-V2X Communication, and Advanced Cybersecurity System”. We added reliable features to allow the vehicle to fly its users safely and securely from one point to another,” Mochamad Rifqi stated, as quoted by on Monday (8/11/2021).

Indonesia was also named a Guest of Honor in the Teknofes 2021. “Other than competing, the UI team prepared a pavilion representing Indonesia in the exhibition complementing the competition. We hope that UI’s participation in the Teknofest 2021 Flying Car Design Competition will become a milestone for the development of flying cars in Indonesia, evolving into something better for the future,” Ilham said.

The UI Flying Car product is called the “Skylark”. It was designed with a
hybrid urban air-land mobility concept that combines the concepts of two different types of vehicle, the light airplane and the automobile. As it has
both wings and wheels, the Skylark can be used on air and on land. Despite being ftted with wings, it is designed for vertical takeoff and landing (“VTOL”).

UI Team fifth in Flying Car Design Teknofest

“The Skylark uses tandem-tilt wings with 16 motors attached to them, and these wings can be positioned upwards or frontwards. During vertical takeoff and landing, the wings will tilt up; when it is traveling, the wings will tilt forward. For land transportation mode, it uses its wheels, which move using their own separate mobility system. The wings can be folded in land mode, to ensure that the Skylark is the same width as other four-wheeled vehicles on the road,” Yogasatya said.

Skylark is designed to carry two passengers. It has camera sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and radar in various parts. “These sensors help the Skylark to identify the conditions of its surrounding areas and determine
the direction we want it to go. It also uses the vehicles for everything (V2X) communications system, which will help provide information concerning
surrounding vehicles and objects,” Tristan said

Mentor Dr. Adhitya stated that “The technologies used by the UI Flying Car Team result from these students’ own research on future transportation technologies. They consider speed, safety, fuel and movement efficiency, automation, and green energy sources. May their achievement help us all welcome future technologies, with their dynamic changes and competitiveness.” (est)


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