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Two university students fatally struck by lightning while camping in Bandung


Jakarta, IO – Two students of Padjadjaran University (Unpad) died when they were struck by lightning while camping at the Batu Kuda campsite, Mount Manglayang, Bandung regency, Friday (23/2).

Mitzelion Rayi Adimastya Putra and Bangkit Alyuda Prasetyo are students at the Faculty of Geological Engineering (FTG), per Kompas, Mon (26/2). FTG deputy dean Cipta Endyana explained that the incident happened at around 4.30pm WIB. The weather at the time suddenly took a turn for the worse.

The group of young men then set up a camping tent and lit a fire to warm themselves and make food. However, it didn’t take long for the rain to fall.

Mitzelion and several friends took the initiative to move towards the lower campsite in Batu Kuda, because they were worried about their safety in the rain. But unfortunately, while tidying up the equipment, lightning suddenly struck the victims.

“When we were about to move to get the tools, the sky brightened and lightning struck until the campfire at the camp was extinguished,” explained Cipta.

“Mitzelion and Bangkit were already lying down, while Adinda (one of the victim’s friends) suddenly screamed because he said her leg had been struck by lightning so she couldn’t feel it.”

The victims’ friends immediately sought help and met other friends below seek help to evacuate the victim. They were rushed to AMC Hospital.

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“When they arrived at the hospital, Mitzelion and Bangkit had already died. Meanwhile, Adinda is being treated intensively,” said Cipta.

They were buried on Sunday (25/2) in Cibubur and Padang. Cipta said the faculty regretted the unfortunate incident that befell their students and would support the grieving families of the victims. (un)


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