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Turning culinary hobbies into businesses


Wahyu Gilang P., pilot

Jakarta, IO – Wahyu Gilang P. never gave up his interest in culinary delights – he’s a Garuda Indonesia pilot, since graduating from the Bali International Flight Academy (BIFA) in 2015. He appreciates the different local foods he can taste whenever he travels to different regions at home or abroad. 

Since the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gilang has used his extra leisure time to take it up a notch, and start a culinary business. Although he never fancied K-pop bands, the pilot decided to tap into the trend of Korean food, art, and culture that has captivated so many people. 

“In early 2022, I opened the Gapyeong Korean BBQ restaurants in Pekanbaru, Batam, and Palembang, together with some friends. Why Korean food? Well, there has been a huge hype around all things Korean in Indonesia,” explained Gilang to detikfood, on Sunday, November 5, 2023, at his Kedai Kang Adud in Tebet. 

Gilang turned his avocation into a culinary company, by building another restaurant, Kedai Kang Adud, in the district of Tebet, South Jakarta, at the end of October with two friends, one of whom is Rulyabii Margana, the host of two Trans7 programs, “Selebrita Pagi” and “Makan Receh”. The restaurant offers Chicken Noodles with Meatballs and Chicken, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Seblak (spicy and tangy soup), Rogorema (mayonnaise-filled fried bread), and Samopang (samosa with baked potato filling) on the menu. 

“It’s another way to earn additional income, while enjoying my hobby,” said Gilang, who admitted to excelling in cooking Western foods and pasta, as quoted by Detik. 

Gilang highlighted the similarities between a pilot and a chef in the kitchen. Both must focus on what they do while pursuing multitasked duties. 

“Particularly when cooking Western dishes – you must prepare other ingredients while waiting for one dish to finish cooking. So, efficient timing matters, as you don’t want to make your patrons wait too long for their meals,” explained Gilang. 

He added that both pilots and chefs must have high levels of discipline. In the cockpit, pilots must adhere to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), while chefs must adhere to measurements and recipes. 

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Gilang admitted that he does not mind working in a kitchen, as he believes that every job is equally honorable, particularly when done with passion, integrity, and in accordance with halal principles. “I am proud to have additional skills to the extent of having my own restaurant,” he said. 

He aspires to have a spacious cafe or restaurant in a comfortable environment, equipped with live music, that someday can earn a significant name in the food and beverage industry. Good luck, Captain Chef Gilang! (rp)


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