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Il Divo‘s dazzling performance


Jakarta, IO – The vocal group Il Divo recently held a concert, “IL DIVO A New Day Tour 2023,” at JiExpo Theater, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, on Saturday, November 11, 2023. 

The concert was quite special, as it was the first time for Il Divo to perform in Jakarta with their new member, after the passing of Carlos Marin on December 19, 2021. Steven LaBrie has joined the band to fill the vacancy as a permanent member since 2022. 

The waiting audience appeared to be calm at first, as they were scheduled to enter at 7 p.m., while the concert was supposed to start at 8. Unfortunately, the concert did not proceed as planned. The audience was not admitted into the performing area until 8 p.m. 

The promoter explained how there were several technical issues that resulted in the concert starting later than scheduled, leaving many spectators stranded in the waiting area with nowhere to sit down. Many chose to sit on the floor while waiting for the concert to begin. 

There was a slightly chaotic scene when some audience members demanded refunds – or at least an explanation – at the ticket exchange desk. The promoter finally announced that the concert would start at 10 p.m., immediately arousing a wave of disappointment from an audience forced to wait even longer to meet their idols. The concert theater doors finally opened at 10 p.m. 

The performance started at 10.25 p.m., as sleepy audience members slowly came to enjoy it, with enthusiastic applause. Sebastien Izambard, David Miller, Urs Buhler, and Steven LaBrie rocked the stage while singing “Musica” to begin their performance. 

The group Il Divo was well aware that the concert delay had frustrated their audience. Their soothing and melodious voices soon calmed the fans and reignited their spirit. 

“How are you? Thank you for being with us tonight. Thank you for your understanding. We just want to let you know that we only arrived this morning; despite the problems, we don’t want to disappoint you,” Sebastien reassured. 

“Good evening, Jakarta. Sorry for making you wait too long. But thank you for waiting and listening to our songs upon our comeback here,” added David. 

Il Divo continued singing their numerous hits, including “Passera,” “Nella Fantasia,” “Melankolia,” “Unchained Melody,” and “Every time I Look At You.” 

Il Divo spent the entire evening making sure that the audience was enjoying themselves and singing along with them. 

“How are you feeling now? Do you need coffee? We will be your coffee! We know that some of you are upset and would love to get back at the promoter, but that’s not a good thing. We’ll carry on with my favorite and very sexy song,” said Sebastien, followed by “Bésame Mucho.” 

The quartet frequently interacted with the audience while moving around the stage, making sure to greet them. They got off the stage when singing “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás” and even took one audience member up to sing with them. 

The atmosphere was relaxed and warm, although it was approaching midnight. Il Divo shared the stage with Lesti Kejora as a guest star, singing “Somewhere” with the group. 

Lesti admitted to appearing nervous, but the young mother wonderfully carried off the high-pitched song. Il Divo continuously applauded Lesti for her melodious voice. 

Il Divo also shared their upcoming work, with Urs mentioning how their new album was ready to be released next February. “We are currently recording our new album, and it will come out in February,” said Urs. 

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As the clock struck midnight, Il Divo continued to perform flawlessly, concluding the concert with the songs “Regresa A Mí” and “My Way.” 

These two songs successfully got the audience to sing along. “I understand you might be a little upset, but you made tonight memorable. Next time, we will perform on time,” promised Sebastien. “This is the last song; we hope you like it. Until we meet again, Jakarta,” concluded David. (des/ast)


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