Sunday, December 3, 2023 | 23:52 WIB

Tobacco excise duty increases by 10%, this the latest price list of cigarettes


Jakarta, IO – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani has officially raised the tobacco excise duty effective from January 1, 2023.

The provision on the retail price selling (HJE) is contained in Finance Minister Regulation (PMK) 191/2022 promulgated December 15, 2022, reported Katadata, Monday (2/1).

The new price list of cigarettes and cigars becomes:

  1. Machine-rolled clove cigarettes (SKM), divided in two groups – excise tax of Rp1,101 for Group 1 with HJE of Rp2,055 and excise tax of Rp669 for Group 2 with HJE of Rp1,255.
  2. Machine-rolled white cigarettes (SPM), divided into three groups – excise tax of Rp461 for Group 1 with HJE above Rp1,800 and excise tax of Rp361 for HJE between Rp1,250-Rp1,800; excise tax of Rp214 for Group 2 with HJE of Rp720 and excise tax of Rp118 for Group 3 with HJE of Rp605.
  3. Excise tax of Rp1,101 for filtered hand-rolled kretek cigarettes (SKT) with HJE of Rp2,055.
  4. Excise tax of Rp461 for Kelembak Kemenyan Cigarettes (KLM) Group I with HJE of Rp860 and excise tax of Rp25 for Group 2 with HJE of Rp200.
  5. Excise tax of Rp30 for tobacco slices (TIS) for HJE above Rp275 and excise tax of Rp25 for HJE between Rp180-Rp275 and excise tax of Rp10 for HJE between Rp55-Rp180.
  6. Excise tax of Rp30 for leaf cigarettes/klobot (KLB).
  7. Excise tax of Rp110,000 for cigar (CRT) with HJE above Rp198,000, excise tax of Rp22,000 for HJE between Rp55,000-Rp198,000, excise rate of Rp11,000 for HJE between Rp22,000-Rp55,000, excise tax of Rp1,320 for HJE between Rp5,500-Rp22,000 and excise tax of Rp275 for HJE between Rp495-Rp5,500. (un)


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