The unique way of serving sushi, make this restaurant a new destination to enjoy a typical Japanese cuisine

(left)The design of Sushi Hiro is synonymous with brightly colored woods, typical of Japanese interior. (right) The uniqueness of Sushi Hiro is serve sushi using the ladder from wood. (photo: IO/Prive.Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Are you one of the Japanese food lovers? If so, for those of you who love typical Japanese culinary, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) in the northern side of Jakarta calls you to come over and fancy your appetite. Pantai Indah Kapuk accommodates various kind of culinary heaven within its location. One of the most visited spots and worth your try is Sushi Hiro. Yes, appears from its name, this place obviously served Sushi as the main menu and some other Japanese delicacies. This special resto comes with a particular concept of sushi fusion menu, serving the most captivating food display among the other stores.

You can enjoy delicious meals in the store which not only appetizing to the eye but also great as it tastes. Moreover, for those of you who are social media addicts, this store is the best place for you to pay a visit. The attractive decoration of this restaurant which layered by Japanese wooden style makes the atmosphere feel comfortable and calm while at the same time reaching the glorious taste over your meals.

Entering the restaurant, you will immediately discover a corner with long bar sushi as well as several wooden chairs using the same colour in which also completing the wooden interior vibes. As an accent, the background comes with a plant ornament and paper [origami] flowers. Besides, guests can enjoy the “show” of sushi creation which demonstrated by the original chef from Japan itself, preciously killing your time while waiting for the meals to be served.

One of the hallmarks of Sushi Hiro is the attractive way of presenting sushi with unique wooden stairs. At each staircase, a variety of sushi are placed, and this is what makes it interesting to be captured as a photo object, of course not to mention the obvious taste of sushi which certainly best as it served.

The dining menu at Sushi Hiro PIK is undoubtedly a pleasure. Here, you can find the Salmon Rock n Roll menu in which you will get a large portion of Aburi Salmon with shrimp tempura and zucchini. You will not regret it if you order this one. Among those favourites, you can also try the delicious Tamago Aburi Salmon which contains the combination of cheese and salmon matters on every bite.

The other favourites menu are Shiok Maki, Ultimate Truffle Gyu Don, Beef Hobayaki, and Aburi Beef Onsen Egg Roll. Hiro Sushi is open from 11 am to 2 pm and 5.30 pm to 10 pm. Highly recommended if you want to taste a meal at Sushi Hiro. For the perfect experience, it’s better to avoid the peak hours, such as during lunchtime or dinner, as you will face a very long table queue.

Sushi Hiro is a Japanese Restaurant that has been opened since June 2016. Apart from only serving sushi menus, Sushi Hiro also has a variety of other interesting dishes. You can choose the available food options as you wish.

With special serving techniques and exciting store designs, Sushi Hiro certainly backed with impeccably fresh raw fishes. Because without the presence of fresh raw fish, the pure joy of tasting sushi dish is a mere formality as the flavour will be awful, therefore every sushi restaurant/stores must ensure fresh fish availability to serve their customer at its best.  As one of the best Jakarta culinary destinations, surely the Independent Observer would highly recommend Sushi Hiro as a place that profoundly serves absolute Japanese cuisine for you people who are obsessed with such distinctive Japanese foods.

(Muhammad Akbar)