The Laras Hati Mangkunegaran Music Festival, from Marion Jola to Vina Panduwinata


Jakarta, IO – The 266th Adeging, or Anniversary of the Pura Mangkunegaran, or Mangkunegaran Palace in Solo, is an event the citizens always look forward to. Joining hands with Katadata Indonesia and the DNC Foundation, the Management of Pura Mangkunegaran presents an event that includes the Laras Hati Mangkunegaran Music and Culinary Festival, as well as the Mangkunegaran Run in Solo footrace. 

The Music Festival, which will be held at the peak of the celebrations on Sunday, 12 March 2023, will feature both legendary national musicians and an array of local dishes. The festivities’ Music and Culinary Festivals are being held simultaneously at the Pamedan, or Public Square, of the Pura Mangkunegaran. The race is divided into the 5-, 10-, and 21-kilometer (half marathon) categories, and will take runners across quite a bit of Solo City. 

The Chief of Pura Mangkunegaran, His Highness Mangkoenagoro X, declared that the Laras Hati Mangkunegaran Festival is the Palace’s effort to develop local forms as a form of cultural advancement that reaches the wider community and is packaged according to current conditions. “Regeneration in society continues, but culture must be preserved. Laras Hati Mangkunegaran is a collaboration between Pura Mangkunegaran and Katadata Indonesia and the DNC Foundation, intended to protect and champion our culture,” he said. 

“Music and culinary expression are chosen because of their universal nature. Pura Mangkunegaran uses these two things as tools for communication and interaction with the wider community. The Laras Hati Mangkunegaran Music and Culinary Festival is also designed to increase public knowledge and acceptance of the Mangkunegaran Temple. With the Laras Hati Mangkunegaran Festival and Mangkunegaran Run in Solo, people can come to Mangkunegaran Temple. The hope is that people will learn about the Mangkunegaran Temple and be active in activities there. This event does not only belong to Pura Mangkunegaran, but to the people of Solo and its surroundings,” His Highness added.