The Laras Hati Mangkunegaran Music Festival, from Marion Jola to Vina Panduwinata

The Laras Hati Mangkunegaran Music and Culinary Festival and the Mangkunegaran Run in Solo are highlights of the 266th anniversary celebrations of the Mangkunegaran Temple, and will be held on Sunday, 12/3/2023. (Source: Special)

Director of Sisit by Katadata who is also the Chief Organizer of the Laras Hati Mangkunegaran Music and Culinary Festival and the Mangkunegaran Run in Solo, Marah Andikha, said the series of events was an important part of celebrating the 266th anniversary of Pura Mangkunegaran. According to Marah Andikha, the Laras Hati Mangkunegaran event was not an ordinary concert. “The artists who will attend will be diverse and across generations,” he said. 

A number of national musicians will enliven the festival, including bands RAN, Marion Jola and Vina Panduwinata. There was also the Diskoria music group, singer Brigitta Hardi with the Voca Erudita Student Choir of Sebelas Maret University Surakarta, keroncong singer Endah Laras, as well as a special tribute performance to Didi Kempot. 

Apart from the musical entertainment, visitors to the Laras Hati Mangkunegaran Festival can enjoy a variety of culinary delights from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Solo. In addition to various legendary foods and drinks, at the culinary festival there will also be distribution of free drink and food packages for visitors. 

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Vina Panduwinata stated that she was very happy to be able to perform at the Laras Hati Mangkunegaran Music and Culinary Festival. The legendary singer was well prepared to entertain the public at Laras Hati Mangkunegaran, “This event is very lively. Invite friends, family, girlfriends to enjoy musical performances and various culinary delights at Laras Hati Mangkunegaran,” said Vina. 

Meanwhile, singer Brigitta Hardi said there would be many surprises and joy at the festival. “It would be a shame to miss the excitement,” said Brigitta. (des/ast)