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The beauty of Tinabo Island


IO – As an archipelagic state, Indonesia has so many beautiful and exotic islands, starting from the natural scenery to underwater vistas; an example is the beauty offered by Tinabo Island, included in an island group in the Takabonerate. 

This island located in the heart of the largest coral area and richest in marine life in the world. You will not be disappointed if you visit the island, particularly if you have diving expertise. Although Tinabo is small, it is surrounded by fine white sand and clear sea water—various marine biota can be found there. 

Those who do not dive can play with baby sharks or Black Tip sharks on the beach. The sharks swim freely without a guardrail or net, even though this type of shark is a protected predator. 

Not satisfied playing with the baby sharks? Visitors can also dive and photograph biota under the sea. Several dive spots provide a challenge for divers with many photo opportunities and a minimum of 10 meters of underwater visibility. 

Visitors can set up a tent or rent a resort managed by the Takabonerate National Park Agency for a place to stay. The resort also provides diving gear. To get to Tinabo, you have to fly twice from Jakarta to Selayar, transiting in Makassar. 

From Selayar, visitors rent a boat to get to the Takabonerate islands – it’s an 8-hour trip. However, when you got there, all the struggles will be rewarded. 

Besides playing with baby sharks, those who like diving can see the beauty under the sea. 

The natural beauty of Takabonerate has always been a tourist attraction; this is why Takabonerate Marine Park is often dubbed as a heaven on earth. 

Starting from the natural beauty such as sunset, sunrise, clear sea to the diversity of marine life and the largest atoll after Kwajifein and the Marshall Islands. 

However, there is one unique aspect of Takabonerate which is certainly interesting to talk about, namely, a fish well that is sacred to the Bajo and Bugis tribes. 

In the fish well, a variety of fishes gather, forming a deep tomb to the bottom of the sea. 

It is said that, if during the dry season the community stirs anything in the fish well, rain will start to fall. 

The belief has also been carried out many times, as something hereditary. Even though it is considered nonsense, the community of 6 villages on 7 islands continue to believe it. 

Also, even though it is called a fish well, no fishermen ever took any catch from there. If they do, there will be a disaster. 

Nevertheless, tourists do not need to worry about diving there, as long as they do not damage or take any fish from the well. (Mia Kamila)


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