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Momozen: The luxury of truffles in a Japanese Menu with a French touch


IO – Momozen, Jakarta’s Finest Truffle House, is quite unique, compared to other Japanese dining spots. Momozen does not serve traditional Japanese dishes but rather Japanese cuisine with a “touch of France”. Its location at the very heart of Jakarta, precisely on the 46th Floor of The Plaza, Plaza Indonesia, Jl. M.H Thamrin, Central Jakarta. Note that another advantage of the restaurant is that it is part of Les Amis Group. 

Momozen has a breathtaking view of metropolitan Jakarta, looking down from panoramic windows, imparting a different dining sensation. In the evening, building lights and the harmonious room spotlights complement the romantic ambiance of the casual dining restaurant. 

Restaurant Design 

Momozen is designed with a modern Japanese concept, dominated by wood fittings to give a natural look and homey vibe, lit with chandeliers; beautiful wood carvings on the ceiling give a luxurious impression. 

Once entering Momozen, a distinctive aroma of fresh traditional spices will be sensed. The restaurant was deliberately built in a compact size. Susana Kusnowo said Momozen only has nine tables, consisting of four chairs each. Therefore, its best for the visitors to make reservations beforehand. 


Visitors come looking for an item on the truffle menu when they visit. The truffle, a rare mushroom, is identical to expensive and lavish French-style dishes on the tongue. The featured menu mixes truffles served in authentic detail, with the unique aroma of truffles that whet the appetite. 

Chef Sho Naganuma brought a different concept to the restaurant, established in 2017. Although it has only been three years, the excellent offerings have become the target of Japanese culinary connoisseurs. Moreover, the menu served is not that heavy, so it can be consumed by all generations. 

Truffle Donabe Gohan, Truffle Somen, and Shiogama Beef are among the most sought-after menu items. Truffle Donabe Gohan, the reason why people come to Momozen, is a signature fresh truffle rice. The rice is cooked inside a Japanese clay pot or donabe, using truffle oil with sliced black truffles on top. 

 The seasoning proportion is just right, with the delicious aroma of the truffle in every bite. To ensure it is seasoned and fluffy, the rice is soaked in broth for about 12 hours, giving each grain a savory taste. 

The next favorite menu is Shiogama Beef, a 200-gram very tasty and tender Grilled Rib menu offering, with dome salt crust and Japanese seasoning. Served with five choices of sauce: yuzu, truffle konbu, whole grain mustard, sea salt, and shoyu butter. 

Another signature item from Momozen is Truffle and Caviar Somen. The dish is served like ‘angel hair’ with black truffle and caviar on top. The truffle aroma will heighten the appetite. 

Another offering is Hokkaido Hotate Carpaccio, a dish of Japanese shellfish, kiwi, zucchini, umami ponzu as well as three main elements cucumbers, kiwi, and clams. The menu with tender texture is very tasty and refreshing. 

Momozen also serves other meat menu items such as Baby Chic Truffle Rice, Shimmofuri Ox Tongue Steak, and Grilled Foie Gras Chicken, and pasta menus such as Steak Aglio Olio, Truffle Pasta, Uni-uni Pasta. Momozen also offers Yaki Suki, a Japanese wagyu selection. 

For snacks, Momozen serves truffle menus, including Truffle Toast and Truffle Edamame, and Corn Sweet Corn, and several others such as Angle Egg, Truffle Chawanmushi, Truffle Somen with Wagyu Snowflake, Momozen Sushi, Wagyu Momozen Sushi, Tomorokoshi-soup, Tofu Miso Soup, and Baked Hokkaido Hotate

The appetizer menu including Wagyu Tacoslider, Toro Pizza, Hokkaido Hotate Carpaccio, Grilled Miso Foie Gras, Yuzu Miso Ox Tongue, Ebi Jaga, Foie Gras Gyoza, Salad Salm on Carpaccio, and Salad Green Roll, while for desert Momozen has Ichigo Mochi, Matcha Pudding, Ice Cream, Chocolate Lover, and Yuzu Crème Brulee. 

In previous years, Momozen also presented a seasonal Sakura menu in April. At that time, a cherry blossom tree was installed in the middle of the restaurant to give a pink ambiance like spring in Japan. The menus were also pink like Sakura Foie Gras Chicken, Sakura Miso Cod, Sakura Mochi, Sakura Lava, and Sakura Rain Drop. 

Under normal circumstances, before the COVID-19 pandemic, Momozen was open from 12.00 – 14.30 WIB and reopened at 18.00 – 22.30 WIB. To enjoy the special menus of Momozen, visitors should set aside a budget of Rp 700,000 per person. 

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants that won the 2019 Exquisite Awards for Jakarta and Beyond, the Best Japanese Restaurant temporarily closed their restaurants, complying with government regulations. Momozen reopened when the situation became more conducive at the end of July. 

“Our target is for Momozen to become better-known to the public, because the food is quite suitable to the palate of Indonesian people,” said Susana. (Kartika Indah)


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