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Surya Paloh has agenda asking NasDem to support Jokowi at House, says observer


Jakarta, IO – Political observer Ujang Komarudin believes there is a hidden agenda behind Surya Paloh’s directive asking members of NasDem faction at the House to support the policies of Jokowi administration, reported Katadata, Friday (20/1).

Ujang is of the view that the strategy is needed after the party’s decision to nominate former Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan as a presidential candidate, which prompted criticism from other coalition parties and pro-government groups.

Ujang, who teaches political science at Universitas Al-Azhar Indonesia, said it is obvious that NasDem’s maneuver has created negative sentiment among pro-Jokowi supporters. This situation forces NasDem to find a way to remain in the government coalition, where it has three ministers in the cabinet.

“NasDem has no choice but to direct their faction to support Jokowi’s policies. Otherwise, their ministers may be dropped in the event of a cabinet reshuffle. One way or another, there will be consequences,” noted Ujang.

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According to Ujang, in a democracy a party has the right to declare its support to a certain candidate but in the context of NasDem the decision to nominate Anies creates a dilemma because Anies is widely seen as Jokowi’s antithesis.

Ujang said another possible reason behind Surya Paloh’s order is to create the image of NasDem as a party that is loyal and consistent in supporting Jokowi until the end of his term. This full support, according to Ujang, was intentionally conveyed to prove that its nomination of Anies was not a wrong choice. (un)


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