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Indonesia’s theatre maestro Riantiarno dies at 74


Jakarta, IO – The Indonesian performance art scene is mourning as one of its renowned figures, Norbertus “Nano” Riantiarno, passed away at the age of 74 on Friday (20/1).

Nano has been active in the world of theatre since 1965. His passion later led him to establish and manage Teater Koma from 1977.

Apart from being as a performer and director, Nano was also known as a writer and journalist. He has produced many works until he retired and dedicated his time to performing arts in 2001.

Nano’s passing is a great loss to Indonesia’s theatre scene. Through his Instagram account @masbutet, Butet Kartaredjasa, a close friend and colleague of Nano, uploaded the moment when he visited Nano who was lying in the hospital.

Sumangga, Gusti [I leave him in your hands, God]. Farewell my friend and teacher, Mas Nano Riantiarno,” he wrote, adding crying face emojis.

Indonesian actress Happy Salma also uploaded a memorable photo with a black-and-white filter, dated July 24, 2022.

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“My discussions with Mas Nano always left an impression within me. It was from him that I know the word ‘ahimsa’ [non-violence principle]. For some reason, that word is ingrained in my heart, as if Mas Nano had specially gifted it to me,” Happy wrote.

“It is a message that even in conveying something radical, it must be done in an elegant and gentle way, not with violence. Just like what they do at Teater Koma.”

Nano is set to be buried on Saturday (21/1) at Giri Tama cemetery, Bogor, around noon. (un)


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