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Revitalization Almost Complete, National Gallery Will Provide Sign Language Facility


Jakarta, IO – The revitalization of the Indonesian National Gallery (GNI) in Jakarta is estimated to be completed in August. The progress has so far reached 80 percent.

According to the Indonesian Heritage Agency (IHA), the revitalization which started in 2023 aims to create a more interesting experience for visitors.

IHA is the Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) technical implementation unit for museums and cultural heritage. GNI is under its purview.

“This effort includes providing visitor-friendly facilities and preserving art collections and cultural artifacts, as well as optimizing the use of exhibition space,” said Ahmad, per Kompas, Thu (4/4).

“The ultimate goal is to maintain GNI as a center for artistic and cultural activities that are renowned nationally and internationally.”

Furthermore, Ahmad said that GNI would add a number of new features to the revitalized room, including by making GNI a more inclusive place by providing an introduction to the exhibition theme via sign language video for the deaf, as well as lifts for elderly visitors.

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Jarot Mehendra, the person-in-charge for GNI, said the curation of the exhibition’s collection is underway. He said that in the future GNI will continue to innovate, for example by adopting a thematic approach.

Jarot believes that this will increase public interest, especially the younger generation. Meanwhile, GNI curator Bayu Genia Krishbie said that the thematic approach that will be applied in the permanent exhibition of GNI collection is in the form of visual groupings that appear in the traditions of each work. (un)


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