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BPOM Confiscates 2,475 Prescription Skincare Products in Circulation


Jakarta, IO – The Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) has confiscated 2,475 so-called “blue label” skincare products that should only be used with doctor’s prescription and supervision from circulation. The majority of them were produced in Jakarta but were freely sold by many beauty clinics in big cities. 

The products are also produced by beauty clinics without following existing pharmaceutical regulations. “They were produced in bulk and affixed with a blue label, then many are distributed online. In fact, they should not be sold freely because they don’t have a proper doctor’s prescription,” said Mohamad Kashuri, BPOM deputy for supervision of traditional medicines, health supplements and cosmetics, per CNN Indonesia, Thu (4/4).

If used without proper prescription, these products can lead to harsh side effects and harm one’s health. “The ingredients may not be suitable for some people but actually cause other skin problems in others,” warned Mohamad.

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The majority of them were found in Pekanbaru and Surabaya. All the confiscated products will be destroyed and notice of violation have been issued to clinics that sold them.

“We have issued warning prohibiting them from being produced and ordered the clinics that sold them to withdraw the batches that have been distributed,” he said. (bp)


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