Thursday, June 8, 2023 | 09:14 WIB

New rule: Name in ID card must be 2 words, max 60 letters


Jakarta, IO – Home Ministry issued Regulation 73/2022 on name of Registration of Names on Public Documents. One article relates to the format of name on public documents.

Article 4(2) states the requirement: “(a) easy to read, has no negative meaning and does not have multiple interpretations; (b) the maximum number of letters is 60 including spaces; and consists of at least two words.”

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Article 5 further governs the format for name on ID card and birth certificates: “(a) Using Latin letters in accordance with the Indonesian language conventions; (b) surname, family name or alias name can be included on the public document; and (c) educational, customary and religious titles can be put on family cards and identity cards and can be abbreviated.”


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