“Morning Blarr” American muscle cars owners’ first meeting in Senayan

Muscle car
American muscle car owners in Indonesia met and gathered for the frst time in “Morning Blarr”. (Source: AMCI)

Jakarta, IO – “Chevrolet”. 



These are some brands of the big, macho, “muscle” cars from good old US of A. When you think of “American cars”, it’s quite likely that muscle cars come first into your mind: two-door vehicles whose strong performance is powered by huge V8 engines. They are a huge part of American pop culture thanks to Hollywood movies, and literally have cults of its lovers across the country – and across the world. 

They are quite rare, because American muscle car owners usually prefer to keep their prized cars in their collections, or bequeath it to their sons or museums for others to enjoy. Originally cheap in the land of cowboys, naturally they become expensive when exported – especially to a developing country like Indonesia. Naturally, this only adds to the fuel of fans’ passionate fire! 

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In view of the muscle cars’ strong history and romance, it’s no surprise that their owners in Indonesia held a face-to-face first meeting titled “Morning Blarrr” on Tuesday, 10 May 2022. Legendary cars that appeared on the event include Camaro Z28, Mustang Fastback, El Camino, Mustang GT500, Shelby Cobra, Bellair, and Dodge Coronet.