“Morning Blarr” American muscle cars owners’ first meeting in Senayan

Muscle car
American muscle car owners in Indonesia met and gathered for the frst time in “Morning Blarr”. (Source: AMCI)

The event started with the gathering of the muscle cars in Senayan Park. When everyone arrived, the photo session started, followed by “burnout” (spinning the rear wheels fast without moving the car). They then started a convoy all throughout Jakarta’s major thoroughfares – Sudirman, Thamrin, Monas, Semanggi, Senayan – and went on to a festive finish at the Indonesian Motor Association (Ikatan Motor Indonesia – “IMI”) office in Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, just meters away from the starting point. 

Independent Observer quoted the words of muscle car owners from the press release issued on the same day of the event as follows: 

Ajo said, “By holding this first gathering, we hope that Indonesian car lovers, especially American muscle car owners, can meet each other to exchange information and knowledge about American cars. We want to inspire other car lovers and show them that delving into this hobby has many positive impacts.” Iqbal Willis concurred, saying that “We really hold the event to stimulate Indonesia’s automotive lovers, especially lovers of American cars.”