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Maizura releases “Denganmu”, her new hit single


Jakarta, IO – On August 23, 2023 Maizura premiered her special hit single, “Denganmu,” as an expression of extended gratitude for the people who have been with her through good and bad times. 

The Makassar-born beauty confessed that her new hit single was inspired by a person she fell in love with and drove her into creating a beautiful melody. “My early 20s were filled with complicated and delicate life experiences. I went through doubts, questioning my existence and feeling inadequate; those feelings led me to change my points of view concerning a better world,” said Maizura. “When I first composed the tunes, I knew it was love at first sound,” she continued. 

Stepping into 2023, Maizura was impelled to express her feelings stronger and to reconnect with the tunes she once composed. She knew she had a better outlook on the world. “I worked with Producer Mas Ican Dewanto and his team to create new musical arrangements and notations. Some of the lyrics and notations needed to be adjusted to what I currently feel about love,” explained Maizura. 

She wished to present a more organic musical arrangement in her song, complete with a gentle touch of orchestra, in a style that would spark a sense of liberation, freedom to love or freedom from love, a lively spirit, calming yet powerful, and high hopes for life. 

“Denganmu” is Maizura’s first self-composed song, resulting from her life experience and creative process in 2023. Despite her fears, she was courageous enough to share her life journey with the rest of the world. “I was a little worried that the public wouldn’t like what I wrote, but I firmly believe in everything that comes from the heart,” said Maizura. 

For the “Denganmu” music video, Maizura collaborated with director Dian Tamara. “Mba Tamara is more than capable of creating the visuals that come to mind, although I still provide a space for us to develop the story depicted in the song,” explained Maizura. 

The music video shares the romantic story of a pair of young lovers set in the 1990s, as chosen by the director, who wanted to highlight more of Maizura’s sweet side. An attempt to grow the audience’s fondness for the characters enlivens the video. 

Maizura wishes to bring out one of the most remarkable qualities found in women: loving and affectionate beings. Despite being created as gentle creatures, being away from her partner does not necessarily send a woman’s world crashing down. In reality, women will thrive to survive and pursue their own happiness. The music video depicts an intense scene requiring both characters to act and express deep emotion. 

Not only a singer and songwriter, Maizura is also a brilliant talent who has acted in several films and TV series. She admitted that acting for the music video was different from that in films, where a conversation is needed to tell the story, unlike the music video, which requires emotional dynamics in each of the scenes. Conveying the message without any dialogue was definitely a challenge for Maizura. 

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Her new hit single is spreading the message of hope to all her listeners. “I write this song to inspire other people to constantly feel grateful and be bolder in expressing our love to the people who cherish us, especially to ourselves,” she added. 

Maizura hopes this song will spark hope, encourage people to set themselves free from fear and all of life’s negativities, and start to accept their love for life. 

“Let’s hug ourselves and give ourselves a pat in the back for connecting to our inner selves and others, and start to love endlessly and sincerely. We. Are. Love,” concluded Maizura. (des/ast)


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