KPPS Officer was found hanged in the forest

illustration (source: Google Image PlayBuzz)

IO, Jakarta – An officer in the Voting Organizers Group (KPPS) was found rot in the forest. Luhut Ferry Parsaoran Aritonang was mysteriously killed after 5 days was declared lost.

It turned out that Luhut Ferry Parsaoran Aritonang was killed depending on Tombak Sirambe, Parbubu I Village, Tarutung District, North Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra. Luhut Aritonang was found hanging on a tree with a rope wrapped around his neck. It also said that when they found Luhut’s body, the condition is naked (with no clothes) and the body had already rot, neck tied to clothes and knot rope that tied to the tree. The body of Luhut Ferry Parsaoran Aritonang was found on Saturday (11/05/2019) at around 3.00pm (Western Indonesian Time).

The Head of Sub-Section Public Relations of Taput Police, Aiptu Sutomo Simaremare, explained in his written statement that the 43-year-old victim had left home since May 6, 2019.

That day, Luhut Ferry Parsaoran Aritonang said to his wife that he has a duty as he leave the house. But Luhut Ferry Parsaoran Aritonang did not said what the duty was.

Sutomo Simaremare tells the moments when they discover Luhut Ferry Parsaoran Aritonang’s body, the body was first found by a local resident named Nurlina Hutagalung.

At that time Nurlita see a footstep and smells something strange from a 10 meters distance from the location of where the corpse was discovered. Nurlita was shocked as she see a dead body in the bush and immediately called other residents to check it out. (dsy)