Know Your Weapon, Don’t Waste your Shot: Will US sanctions and military prevent WWIII?


Jakarta, IO – More than a month in the Russo-Ukrainian war, the narrative has turned violently warmonger in the West. In fact, the media amplify demands for US military intervention and (repeated) calls for Putin’s assassination. Meanwhile, those demanding to prioritise ending civilian suffering over politicking endure relentless attacks and denigration in all NATO countries. 

In this climate, there is little room for clear-headed conversations about the US and its allies’ response to the crisis. Yet, the President of the United States and other world leader must be held accountable for their decisions. Thus, voters should understand what policies that the US are – more or less openly – pushing over Ukraine. 

Military support: Increasing casualties, risking a world war 

Even though Biden is still reluctant for now, the Ukrainian government keeps demanding that NATO steps up its involvement. In the US, many support the Ukrainian President’s request to establish a nofly zone to intercept Russian aircrafts. Needless to say, that means killing ‘large numbers of Russian military personnel, including beyond Ukraine’s borders’: a war against Russia. 

Luckily enough, many political leaders met with hesitation or disregarded altogether most calls for a direct interventions. But NATO governments are either benevolently ignoring or favouring mercenaries fighting for the Ukrainian government. Even though those who managed to return home denounced the Ukrainian army for having treated them like ‘cannon fodder’. Sadly, mercenaries’ ruthless be – haviour and uncertain international-law status are pushing the death toll up. Furthermore, the presence of foreigners favours the spread of unconfirmed rumours that may escalate tensions between Western countries and Russia.