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Indonesia needs a change of leadership


IO, Jakarta – Indonesia is currently experiencing a transition stage not uncommon in young democratic nations. A leadership crisis, inconsistent enforcement of the law, and a population that is still finding their role in the nation’s democracy are all examples of the current issues facing the nation. However, these issues can still be tolerated if the policies of the leadership in the private and public sectors represent the public’s interest.

“Unfortunately, this is often not seen and instead the truth is hidden from the public, making the people incapable of voicing opinions based on truth, but instead of what they know. This can be overcome if we have a strong base or foundation in our education system. Unfortunately, our education system is in need of a complete reformation if we want to utilize the extra population wholly, as the education system should help the public’s way of thinking and make them independent thinkers or thinkers who are autonomous and competitive,” explained the Gerindra Party member and House of Representatives (DPR) Commission VIII member, responsible for religious, social, and women’s empowerment affairs.

Sara believes Indonesia is getting worse and needs a change of leadership, from one that is reactive to one that is proactive, from one that is hostage to many different interests to one that can fight for the future of the nation without compromise. A drastic change and improvement of the education and judicial system are especially needed, so people can think clearly and independently, and there can be the enforcement of social justice.

“Obviously, we need a clear focus with short, medium, and long-term thinking on how to improve our human capital. Other than education we also need to deal with problems in the health sector, especially healthcare for mothers and children (the high maternal mortality rate and 38% of stunting that affects Indonesian children). This can all be achieved with a stronger economy which can guarantee the public is able to fulfill their basic needs, and that means a stable cost of goods and the availability/creation of jobs,” she explained.

In order to move forward, according to Sara, Indonesia should be led by a resolute leader, one who is uncompromising when dealing with the prosperity of the people and the future of the nation. “Proactive and not reactive, forward-thinking with a clear long-term vision for this nation, a wide range of knowledge, representative of the voice of the people, not only on the national stage but also on the international stage in order to fight for the nation’s interests, cannot be bought, is wise in choosing the people around them who will fill his shortcomings so they can make the right decisions and of course firmly hold on to the four values of our nation: NKRI (Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia), Pancasila, 1915 Constitution, and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika,” she added.

Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto, according to Sara, is different from most people, as other than being a leader, she also sees him as her uncle. Prabowo is a fighter and patriot who holds firm to his beliefs and his love for this nation. Although many have forgotten his service to this nation and its people, and even insult and berate him, that is the biggest lesson Sara learned from Prabowo, how to sincerely and earnestly still love and fight for the future of the nation irrespective of the people’s acceptance or attitude towards him.

“Many think that he only went up the ranks quickly as a result of his father-in-law, but they only say that because they do not know the truth behind it, which is that he is actually a brilliant soldier. He was inspired to becoming a patriot from the death of his uncles when defending Indonesia’s independence in 1947. The blood of patriots runs through his blood. He was often hated only because of his status as the child of a Minister and then the husband of the President’s daughter. Those grudges may have often appeared only because of the jealousy of a number of people resulting in his achievements as a leader who always led from the front and fought beside his soldiers, and not hiding behind a desk, covered up. Do not be surprised if there are many people who are very loyal to him because he is a very loyal person to his nation and friends. In his family and close friends, everyone knows Prabowo is very humorous and likes to joke at the dining table. But we also know he is not a perfect person. However, apart from his weaknesses and shortcomings, he is still one of the nation’s best men,” asserted Sara.

As a representative of the people, Sara ensures that legislators will act as the public’s spokespersons and fulfill their aspirations, and of course ensure that there is supervision and feedback from the government concerning the results of that supervision. As a legislator, her job, besides those two points is to work on the budget. Although the House of Representatives is not the one who submits the budget every year, they still have the responsibility to the public to fight for a budget that fulfills the needs of the people.

“Specifically, I have fought for the Persons with Disabilities Law which was passed in 2016. I also fought for the improvement of data on poverty, as every year there is a report about inaccurate targeting. Unfortunately, the budget from the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection decreases every year, even though we have continued to fight for it; however, if there is no political will from the government’s side, it is certainly very difficult to do,” she explained. (Ekawati)


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