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Fatburger: Authentic burger from California


IO, Jakarta – The conversation around food in Jakarta is never-ending. The number of burger joints in Jakarta is seemingly infinite, but only a few have something new to bring to the table, and one of those is Fatburger.

Fatburger has outlets in five states in Western America and Canada, and locations in China, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Malaysia, England, Fiji, Indonesia, Iraq, India, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Tunisia, Macau, Pakistan, Oman, Panama, Singapore, Philippines, Qatar, and Japan. In a number of locations, the menu is adjusted to local tastes.

Fatburger was established in 1952 in Los Angles, California by Lovie Yancey. Around the 90s Fatburger went global, and now has more than 160 outlets all over the world. In Indonesia, Fatburger had four outlets but currently, only two remain: one in Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta, and one in Terogong, South Jakarta.

The Fatburger franchise in Indonesia is a master franchise which is handled directly from California. The burger joints main selling point is that it uses ingredients imported straight from the central Fatburger in America, with the exception of vegetables which are bought locally. The meat used by Fatburger is certified premium angus imported from America which is then processed into patties in Indonesia. Unlike many burger joints around Jakarta, Fatburger’s patty meat is extremely juicy.

In order to enjoy a burger with a premium angus patty, customers must shell out Rp 39,000 for a Fatburger ala carte or Rp 59,500 for a Fatburger with a drink and fries. Uniquely, Fatburger offers burgers that are authentically American. The joint also offers an array of other items such as Hamburg Steak, Beef Rice and even Chicken Wings. Fatburger’s buns are soft, slightly savory and springy.

As a fast food restaurant, Fatburger focuses on the family and provides devices which can be used by children to play as they eat. The Fatburger joint in Plaza Indonesia also provides a jukebox with music from the 80s and ‘’90s. The restaurant’s atmosphere is similar to that of other fast food restaurants in Indonesia. Fatburger Indonesia also has marketing programs including the facilitation of in-restaurant beauty classes, community gatherings, and even birthdays.

If you are a burger lover or are an American that wants a taste of nostalgia, it might be a good idea to visit Fatburger, whether to get a quick bite or just hang out on the weekend. (Aldo)


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